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Simple Ways To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 100   |   Comments: 0

            Life can throw all kinds of curve balls at us. Stress, the elements, genetics, personal accidents, and lifestyle all affect how our bodies look and feel. Unfortunately the one body part we take the most for granted, happens to get the brunt of the damage. Our eyes are one of our more fragile and complicated organs and usually when prolonged damage is realized it's usually too late. There are simple things you can do every day to ensure you have the healthiest eyes possible.

            The first step to proper eye health is getting your eyes checked out every 12 months. Squinting and straining your eyes constantly can induce severe headaches, cause wrinkles around the eyes, and actually make vision worse. If you wear glasses, make sure that when your glasses start to lose some of their power to go and get your eyes checked for a new prescription. Those with contacts should only wear the best quality lenses, and be sure to take them out every night, and change them regularly as proteins and bacteria can build up resulting in tumors or ulcers in the eyes. This can lead to extreme pain, and potentially permanent blindness. With proper care and a regular check up, you should have nothing to worry about.

            If you suffer from under eye bags and dark circles you know how frustrating trying to get rid of them can be. Caused by poor lymphatic drainage and blood vessels beneath the skin, other factors can contribute to puffiness and discoloration as well. Stress, lack of sleep, genetics, age, and hydration level can all add to under eye discoloration and under eye bags. So what do you do? Well, first you forget about surgery or injections because they are costly and potentially do more harm than good. Consider using an eye gel or cream made with Eyeliss or Haloxyl, as both of these all natural ingredients help to reduce puffiness, discoloration while eliminating crow's feet and fine lines from around the eyes, free of any harsh side effects. Stay away from any eye gel or any other skin care product for that matter with a synthetic chemical base. The skin surrounding the eye is very thin and fragile therefore can be easily damaged or burnt by harsh chemicals leading to a myriad of complications. There are all kinds of eye gels out there, but make sure you use one with only the finest all natural ingredients.

            A huge factor in keeping your eyes healthy is eating right. A diet rich in beta carotenes and antioxidants helps to promote corneatic strength as well as providing essential nutrients and vitamins vital for eye and overall health. Eating foods that are good for your eyes have been shown to slow down or prevent macular degeneration and the development of cataracts. Carrots, mangos, oranges, sweet potatoes, peaches, leafy greens, and grapes are all excellent sources of beta carotenes and antioxidants. Eating right will not only help you see a little clearer, but your body will thank you for it.

            Don't take your eyes for granted, they're the only pair you get and you should cherish the gift of sight every day. Make sure to take care of your eyes as best you can. Wear sunglasses in harsh light, and always take out your contacts and be sure to change them at recommended intervals. Use a quality all natural eye gel or cream free of any chemicals or artificial fragrances to help reduce under eye bags and dark circles. Remember to eat orange fruits and veggies on a regular basis for their beta carotenes, and leafy greens and dark fruits for their antioxidants. With proper care you can close your eyes at night with the security of knowing you and your peepers are as healthy as possible.


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