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Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory Starting Today

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Here are a few simple and productive methods to improving your memory. Let's begin by discussing small changes you can make in your daily life that will have a huge impact on your ability to retain information. Here are just a few of the most widely proven techniques to improve your memory.

1. Raise your curiosity level; what I mean is become more curious of everything around you. Start asking yourself questions such as "why is this", "how", "what it", your brain will begin to take in information and facts more readily. I realize this sounds a little confusing, but try being just a little bit more curious and begin to take more interest in your surroundings.

2. Get Emotionally Involved: Whenever we become emotionally involved in something whether it is your work or an event that you've attended. You will discover that by simply attaching emotion to an event is vividly burned into your memory. If you can begin connecting a motion with your actions you will automatically begin to improve your memory of that event or action.

3. Exercise Your Body and mind: Exercise will also help your memory, as if there weren't enough reasons to exercise already. Scientists have found that movement such as exercising has been proven to boost your brain power. When you exercise your body requires more oxygen the more oxygen you take in to your body some of it naturally goes to your brain. You

4.  Deep breathing; here is the simplest and most effective way to improve your memory. Your brain requires oxygen to function properly. Deep breathing will flood your brain with oxygen and this will not only increase your mental capacity to retain information but will also heighten your senses and expand your blood vessel

5. Healthy eating to improve your memory. As if hearing about exercise wasn't enough now I'm going to tell you that eating healthy will also affect your memory. Scientists have proven that some foods can increase your memory. For more information on eating healthy to improve your memory I recently read an article "eating healthy to improve your memory".

6. Increasing your memory can be accomplished as easily as having a conversation. I'm referring to a deep conversation about a particular subject where you converse back and forth about a particular subject. Your brain is forced to clarify thoughts.

7. Burning something into your memory can be accomplished by explaining to someone what you've just learned. It's easy to read something and tell yourself you're going to remember it. If you had to explain what you've just read to someone, that will really get you connected to the subject.

8. Mnemonics having fun with the information you're trying to remember will help make it easier. Make up a short funny story using the letters of the facts that you're trying to remember. A very simple example of a mnemonic is the "30 days hath September" rhyme for remembering the number of days in each calendar month.  Mnemonics can make very little sense to those who hear them, but still work very efficiently for the user.  Perhaps it is because a strange or funny mnemonic may stay in the user's mind longer.

9. Sleeping helps to improve memory because when you sleep, your brain has a chance to connect and archive the information you've taken in over the course of the day. Once you hit REM, your brain begins connecting all of the details you've absorbed, which is why you sometimes have strange dreams. After the dots are connected, your brain stores the information for later use.

10. Work Puzzles - Even though you might not be the best at word puzzles or Sudoku, actively working those types of puzzles help increase brain strength. Giving your brain a workout allows you to retain more information.

Improving your memory is probably easier than you imagined it to be. For the most part, doing daily activities with a purpose can improve your memory.

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