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Simple Ways On How To Treat Hives

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Hives is a kind of skin rash usually distinguishable due to its notable symptoms. They are actually a result of an allergic reaction or even a forerunner symptom of a more serious disease. Therefore hives is not a actually a disease itself but a symptom. As what has been said earlier, hives are caused by allergic reactions, however there can be non allergic triggers that can still cause the development of hives.

Hives come up due to the presence of allergens, these allergens come in contact with the body's defense system and in response, our body releases the chemical histamine. This chemical is the one responsible for most of our allergic reactions, it goes into the blood stream and causes the skin to swell and become itchy. These raised skin bumps then turns red as time goes on and may disappear and reappear in certain parts of the body. Hives can vary in size and can range from as small as a fingertip up to as large as the palm of a hand.
Certain triggers of allergic reactions are from taking up of medications, certain foods, sweat, pollution, and from the environment. Pollens from flowers and plants is a popular allergen that causes allergic reactions to most people, danders from animals also act the same way on our bodies. Some people develop reactions when their skin comes in contact with sweat, though these cases are rarely seen. While having hives due to sweat is uncommon, what is really rare is having hives due to hereditary reasons. These type of trigger is possible, though it happens very rarely compared to other cases.

Some Natural And Readily Available Remedies For Hives
Hives is not entirely a severe health condition that could lead anyone affected by it to death, however, it can prove to be a terrible nuisance with your daily activities. The constant itch in the skin and the painful swallowing is certainly hard to bear, fortunately, there are many different ways to treat hives. Several of the most effective ways to treat this condition includes: putting a cold compress on red ares to relieve the itching; take a bath in oatmeal if hives cover a large area; adding cornstarch to your regular bath; applying aloe vera gel on skin to soothe discomfort; take acidophilus to help reduce an allergic reaction; using antihistamine for temporary relief of symptoms, particularly if the condition is already severe; and to avoid the trigger of the allergic reaction.
Hives may just be one of the many symptoms of an undiagnosed disease, so if the condition lasts for a ridiculous length of time already, then it is advisable to immediately seek medical attention.

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