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Shiatsu Massage Chairs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Shiatsu Massage Chairs offer a manipulation of muscles to promote relaxation and enhance body function. Its only difference from the usual massage is the absence of manual manoeuvres.  This is more convenient since it doesn't require you to travel to arrive to a spa or massage parlors falling in line to have the service you are craving for.

Real Shiatsu is the application of pressure through thumbs and fingers on meridians or so-called energetic pathways to improve the travel of energy.  It uses the techniques of brushing, vibrating, grasping and rolling. Another new technique developed by a Japanese shiatsu expert,  feet are used to apply pressure on the back and legs.  Some shiatsu massage chairsare intelligent enough to detect the kind of shape you have to give a genuine shiatsu same as what massage therapists do.

You cannot buy a shiatsu massage chair without the decision of letting it co me in to your senses, some find this worth it because the machine lasts longer free from any hassle.  By just sitting in the office or at home, you can get the massage you like off limits.


This comes with an intelligent 4 rollers that follows the contour of your spine with a special neck massage that targets "tsubo points" on your neck.  Airbags massage the legs, calves and arms.  The massage modes include kneading, rolling, compression and percussion, chopping, flapping and shiatsu results.  Music therapy adds up to the chair's features.

Technologically Advanced

It has a package of the new technology.  It utilizes optical sensors to know your real body shape to automatically align the rollers to give a full body massage.

What's good about it?

The price is more or less affordable. It has no arm massagers but some of it is packed with optical sensors to auto matically adjust the rollers that conform to your body shape.

Therapeutic Effect

Massage chairs consist of machine operated kneading hands that are set in the position of your body parts to experience the massage that will relieve stress and muscular tension from the surrounding superficial muscles. Based on the shiatsu principle of increasing the energy flow by pressing or stretching points of the body, massage chairs perform this through vibratory and stretching machines to stimulate blood circulation and is ideal for body relaxation.

How do Massage Chairs Function?

Shiatsu Massage chairs are programmed inside the chair with the help of a remote control. It includes the automatic recline of the back and rise of an body part so you can just comfortably sit down, enjoy and relax. You can select for whatever position and style you want depending on the stress and mood you have.

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