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Shengze market knitted fabric trends: 11 best-selling models fabric

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0
April, Shengze market into the season, selling fabrics from the most recent varieties of view, chemical fiber, cotton, blended fabrics and other kinds of products are very good sales, in addition, now in addition to spring and summer apparel fabrics, home textile fabrics sales new is outside the fire, all kinds of conventional, new orders continue to flow into knitted fabric Shengze market, making the market in April Shengze's orders completely. Here we will specifically analyze the recent good sales knitted fabric which:
    Leopard Bronzing warp knitted fabric: warp and weft of the fabric are woven with 75D Polyester Continuous Twisted spandex made, through the PU coating, hot stamping, washing Process, flexible, soft to the touch, is now mainly used for women's fabrics, this fabric is the latest year of the tiger pattern, there are also very popular Tiger bronzing fabric.
    Lace nylon stretch fabric warp: warp knitting industry generally believe that 2010 will be "Lace years." Lace is an exquisite, chic style of textile fabrics, as people by the full release of the U.S. psychological momentum, more and more extensive use of lace: from the beginning, only slowly evolved to suit dresses, leather weaving on . Lace Sheng Ze Leisi hot boosted the confidence of fabric manufacturer, so this width is 150cm, 92% nylon +8% spandex, 7 m / kg nylon tricot fabric elastic lace is very popular at present, Cikuan lace pattern is a popular five-star flowers, stretch better, for a variety of socks, Leggings and clothing design.
    Knitted mesh fabric: April, knitted mesh fabric market is very smooth, the upward price trend in the Polyester market pull, the emergence in early April a smooth upward trend. Is expected to post banners, bunting and decoration fabrics used are heavy volume of space, rising prices of merchantability varieties possible.
    Warp suede: The fabric material used 50D * 75D, its biggest selling point is finished feel fine, hair and fabric one, now commonly used in the manufacture of apparel, home textiles, shoes, bags, car cushions, cushion and so on.
    Warp plush calico short: the fabric material specifications vary, the current market selling all kinds of Shengze short plush, super-soft short plush calico, width is generally 150-240CM, lies 200-350 grams per square grams, also according to customers samples and artwork printing, and now these fabrics are sold in Changshu, Keqiao area.
    Swimwear warp knitting fabrics: Cikuan nylon fabric is 80% + 20% spandex blend from China, No. 32/36 machine needles / cm, Width 150CM, suitable for swimwear underwear series, now bright, half-light, dull compared these three hot, the fabric through the anti-UV50 +, yellowing resistance, antibacterial, aloe and other functions of treatment, significantly increased downstream procurement, from the order and asked to see, fabric can also do printing, bronzing, hot silver deep processing, estimated four to six month is hot season of the fabric, later still incremental space.
    Printed plain warp coral fleece: The woven fabric is made by 150D/288FDTY, grams per square meter emphasis 220g-280g, which fabric is the biggest selling points: first, because the higher density of fibers, was coral-like, coverage Well, like live coral-like soft body light, colorful, therefore, increase purchases; 2, fabric texture and delicate, soft, lint-free, can not ball, do not fade, excellent water absorption, is the cotton products three times; 3, the fabric on the skin without any stimulus, not allergic; 4, beautiful shape, color rich, the rise of this year's cotton bathrobes abroad just the best alternative, is expected to be a hit later.
    Golden Cashmere: This fabric is knitted fabric in the conventional products, selling products is now one of the season, at present, fabric specifications, colors bright, bright. Smooth, suede full, comfortable feel. Mainly used for sportswear, casual wear, winter clothes, school uniforms, fashion and other clothing fabrics, lining, and a variety of shoes, hats, toys, bedding, fabric, lining.
    Short plush: the fabric is the ordinary FDY filament, KS series of high-speed warp knitting machines, width at the 1.5-2.3M, conventional hair high in the 1 - 5MM, finished fabric after cutting and other hot Picking Process for dyeing, now widely used in toys, slippers, home textiles, home decoration, car interior and other areas, finished product prices in the 22 - 24 per month.
    Thick nylon tricot embossed fabric: The fabric is made of nylon + spandex blend, using plain, 32-pin / cm tissue, 180 g per square gram emphasis, width 155CM, is now mainly used for women's underwear fabric, since the fabric Product quality is high, therefore, is mainly for export, the higher cost.
    Warp knitting fabric bright little eyes: The Fabric of high quality polyester fiber as raw materials, high-quality products from German Karl Mayer warp knitting machine for production companies to maximize product quality assurance; the product width :150-155CM, g weight 110-120 grams / square meter, is now mainly used to produce bags, shoes and so on.
    From the perspective of price, at present, production in the enterprise in order queuing is common, and, weaving industry, fire also led to a downstream finishing industry, and now, dyeing, printing, coating, washing and other plant business has than last year, but the dye cost price adjustments are made in March, making the upstream textile enterprises are squeezed profit margins further.
    Shengze market operation rate, due to various types of textile sales are now at a distinct phase of growth, therefore, Shengze regional warp knitting machine operation rate was 75%, and later there is still room for growth.
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