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Shark Cage Diving In Cape Town, South Africa

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 25   |   Comments: 0

Sharks have been dominating the ocean for the past 400 million years, and have received a well-respected name for being the ocean's fiercest specie, and hunter. Humans fear them, we respect them but no matter what we are still fascinating by this fearsome predator.

South Africa, but more specifically Cape Town is one of the best locations probably in the world to see and experience sharks, especially the Great White Shark in close proximity.  The population of sharks in Cape Town is unmatched anywhere else, the shark diving locations are easily accessible and very close to land; making it easy for humans to see these creatures at what they were best trained to do.

Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town - truly an adventure

Cage diving with sharks and surface viewing has become an ever increasing popular activity in the tourism industry. People travel the globe just to witness these incredible species, and to meet them eye-to-eye. And what a remarkable experience isn't it to get in the water along with the ocean's greatest predator? People apprehend this adrenalin filled adventure with great anticipation and excitement and return with the greatest passion and respect for these fascinating creatures.

Shark cage diving is a strictly regulated industry and there are only a few operators that have been good enough to be awarded a license to take people out to the ocean to view the sharks. Great care and effort are taken not to interfere with the shark's natural behaviour patterns. The feeding of sharks are also prohibited so the sharks don't misinterpret the boat as its delicious next meal. Passengers on the boat are most likely to see the Great White Shark as other sharks tend to keep a low profile in their territory. The Cape Coast is one of the most popular locations, in the world, to find Great White Sharks, and a lot of them.

The Shark Cage Diving Adventure begins

When the passengers board the boat ready to take off for their trip out on to the ocean, the air is filled with great excitement and overwhelming emotions. Usually it takes about an hour of chumming before the first shark arrives; once the sharks have calmed down the first group of people get ready to enter the cage and be lowered down into the water. The other passengers then retreat to the back of the boat or the viewing platform to view the spectacular that will shortly follow.

Once the cage is in the water the bait line is drawn to the cage and lures the Great White Sharks to the cage. It is at this moment that you feel like your heart has stopped beating and some people feel something warm between their legs. Needless to say, the cagers' emotions are running high.

But it is not just the cage divers that are experiencing this remarkable moment, but the passengers view point from the boat is also excellent as they can see the sharks' every movement. As they approach the cage, circle it and descend again. The surface viewers are also in the ideal position to capture this moment by camera.

Shark Cage Diving Locations

There are two great areas down the Cape Coast which is excellent for Great White Shark Cage Diving: Gans Bay and Mosselbay; both are easy accessible from Cape Town International Airport. The best time to shark cage dive down the Cape Coast is between April and November mainly because of the mass-pupping of seals.

Shark Cage Diving is a once in a lifetime experience for shark lovers, adrenalin junkies or for the average person seeking adventure in his life.  Book your Shark Cage Diving trip now!

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