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Set multiple forces to promote the localization of thermal power valve

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0
China is the world's larger countries valve usage. Only in respect for the power industry, the national installed capacity by 2020, estimated conservatively to reach 900 million kilowatts, do the same every year to add more than 30 million kilowatts installed capacity, average annual investment of more than 500 billion yuan, which means that nuclear power plants, high efficiency and low Construction of Large Power entered a rapid development period. And a thermal power needs of more than 10,000 valves only.
    So satisfactory in the market expected, so the valve companies excited, but the cross in front of the biggest problems is that a large number of China's imports of thermal power valve, the localization condition can not be optimistic.
    What is the impact of the users choose domestic thermal power valve then? Valve can not meet the requirements is made weak or cost-effective? In this regard, Zhang Yu Leopard gives a negative answer. In his opinion, supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power units supporting the valve, for example, technically, 90% of the valve can be domestic facilities, only a very small number of parameters of the safety valve and control valve of high technology we have not yet fully grasp.
    The price measure, the localization of thermal power valves will also give the total thermal power equipment, the contractor brought great economic benefits. For example a 600,000 kilowatts of supercritical thermal power unit is only four pipeline valves all imports be 60 million ~ 90 million yuan, only if all of the localization of more than 3,000 million yuan; a 60 million or 30 thousands waya critical thermal power valve unit with four channels of all imports be 50 million ~ 70 million yuan, if all made of just over 2000 million yuan.
    That is what made the valve blocking the user choose the idea? Zhang Yu leopard that this and industry characteristics have great relationship.
    Since these devices is very significant commitment to the responsibility of risk awareness is very strong, in the absence of the premise can not draw hasty attempt made equipment, more ready to believe who have been supporting thermal power units of imported equipment. This gives us the "first station the first set of" promotion is a big difficulty.
    Therefore, even if the economic benefits of localization significantly, but the user, it will not easily select domestic equipment.
    Can be improved through efforts
    How do? Man clearly will not break through.
    Yu Zhang Bao said that the valve industry is the general machinery industry, the largest economy of a sub-sectors, in 2009 the industry output value of 1300 billion yuan. However, the number of firms in the industry is characterized by many, according to statistics there are thousands of associations, and the output value of the scale of individual enterprises is not large, there Jige Yi is a very good enterprise.
    In order to promote domestic production of thermal power valve work, the association two years of the industry sub-tier companies to thoroughly research. On the skills and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises is only because customers do not trust Yuan Yin Guo Chan of the project's difficult to operate, You Association Zuzhi, for the first Taiwan Tao national policy support; for a foundation, but the technical Fangmian Huan narrowly fails, the organization Jinxing research; technology gap larger, will have to organize Chan Xueyan, for technical cooperation. In February this year held by the association of thermal power unit valve USC localization forum, it is consensus. Research and development for key products, set up study groups to conduct research, according to the difficulty of product development and application of a phased, step by step to determine the research topics and issues to bear unit.
    At the same time set up by industry associations, owners, design institutes formed group of experts to guide R & D projects and product issues identified through the identification of product units in the first trial relying on the project and recommended that countries use the first unit of the valve units to replace imported give some policy support.
    It is because of the clear direction, enterprises are also accelerating the pace of product development. Such as the recent call by the Group of Harbin Harbin Power Station Valve Co., Ltd. developed 1,000 MW ultra-supercritical units supporting full amount of type safety valve through the national technical evaluation, water system valves, check valves, plug valves water pressure test by the national product identification.
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