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Sesame Seeds; Hulled, Natural, Black, Roasted, Toasted, Sesame Oils Export

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Sesame is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. They are believed to be one of world's first spices. Shyam Industries is the leading manufacturer, processor and exporter of best quality sesame seeds including mechanically hulled sesame seed, natural sesame seed, black sesame seed, roasted sesame seed and toasted sesame seed.

Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are embellished products that are usually white or beige in color and having a nutty sweet taste.  Because of the removal of husk of these seeds prior to hulling process, they are also called Hulling process produces quality oriented sesame products and retains the original nutritional values. For better quality maintenance in addition to hulling, sesame seeds undergo various other processes including cleaning, drying, color-sorting through modern and high tech equipments. Such mechanically  are rich in quality, nutrients and taste.. Mechanically hulled sesame seeds are extensively used in breads, cereals, drinks, soups and various other beverage products.

Black Sesame Seeds

are one of the most prominent ingredient used in Asian cooking. These  are extremely rich in calcium, protein, minerals, irons and even vitamins. An extremely important characteristic of natural black sesame seeds is that it has high therapeutic properties that can be helpful to cure human diseases. They are specially used in china medicines that prevent mitigating premature hair, blurred vision and dizziness. Black sesame seeds are best suited for human consumption. They are also available in the form of powder, pill, capsule at various food stores. Black sesame seeds are strongly considered and added in several plates, salads, and many such food products.

Toasted Sesame Seed

are off white in color having no flavor until they are toasted. The process of roasting gives strong flavor and taste to sesame seeds. For toasting, it requires skilled and efficient cultivators that harvests crop in top quality soils. Such seeds comprises of copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins and many such minerals. They have nutty, sweet aroma like with milk- like buttery taste,are widely used in bakery products including breads, cookies, pasta, vegetables, and even curry dishes.

Yellow Mustard Seed

are widely used as a traditional ingredient in Asian and African cooking. If you are looking for delicious taste and flavor, then yellow mustard seed is the best choice. They are used more often in cooking as a picking price. Yellow  is suitable for a wide range of food applications including pickles, dry milling for flour, whole ground seed for spice mixes, wet milling for mustard pastes, meat processing and other food products. Yellow mustard seeds are very beneficial in relieving an aching back or arthritis pain. They can be ground into flour and mixed with other ingredients to make the condiment mustard.


is a winter crop grown primarily for its seed that yields oil and high protein animal fat. They are generally grown in Asia and are used in variety of Asian dishes. Today in addition to its use as a food product it also used as raw material for biodiesel, industrial oils, lubricants, and as a source for margarine production. They are comprised of emulsifiers, vitamins, minerals, proteins and various other substances that can help lower your cholesterols. It is also used as a heart healthy cooking oil almost equivalent to olive oil.

Contact Shyam Industries for enquiry or bulk order of wide range of sesame seeds and spices including cumin seed, and many such varieties.

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