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Secret Cia Mind Control Tactic For Attracting Women

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 5   |   Comments: 0

This lesson is going to explain an incredibly misunderstood attraction technique, the concept of rapport.

Rapport is one of the most important parts of being human. Its simply having something in common: being on the same wavelength as someone else, or being "in Sync"wit the girl you are chatting with.

Rapport happens when your subconscious mind realizes that the girl you're talking with is on your side. Rapport is being in a state of cooperation, you definitely don't want to neg or tease when you are in rapport with a girl.

So in the first five minutes of the conversation, I want you attracting the girl. Teasing her, push/pulling, flirting, misinterpreting, being playful etc.

Once you do this and see she is attracted to you, then its time for rapport building.

The 2 kinds of conversational rapport are deep rapport and wide rapport.

Deep rapport is basically taking the conversation to a deeper level that is based on feelings. When you and the girl get into deep rapport, you've dug down to a super deep level of a certain conversational subject. To really create deep rapport, its essential that you agree on the way the thing you're talking about makes you feel.

That's why its easy to create a deep rapport using "Sensory Language".

Deep rapport still can be achieved even if you disagree on the topic, but you just have to agree on the overall feelings.

For instance, I sometimes will ask the girl if she likes skiing or snowboarding better. Whatever her answer is, I intentionally disagree with her about the better sport but then I say that I agree with her that being outdoors on the mountain is an awesome feeling.

Now on the other hand, Wide Rapport is simply being able to be on the same page with the girl over a ton of conversational subjects. This is why I LOVE learning a little about a lot of things!

If you are familiar with "Multiple Threading", this is a great example of how you can accomplish wide rapport.

Getting wide rapport with a girl does not mean you agree with every single word she says, that will only make you a brown noser. The best way to do it is to bring up things you're interested in that you also think she'll like. For instance, if you love the Killers and the girl is wearing a killers tshirt, bring it up!

One more way of building rapport COVERTLY is called "Pacing". Pacing is basically deliberately copying someone else's body language and movements. So sit the same way she is, make the same gestures etc, if you can do this without her catching on, then she'll feel really connected to you and won't exactly know why. Really sneaky CIA type stuff!

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