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Second Hand Smoke Plays The Villain

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Most people understand, to some level or degree, that inhaling tobacco by means of smoking cigarettes, or taking it in through any other forms or means, is harmful to the body and can cause coughing, wheezing, and a feeling of breathlessness. In fact, statistics points to the fact that of the 4000 plus chemicals present in tobacco, more than 250 are deemed harmful. And, at least 60 are known to induce cancer in humans. The American Lung Association has found out that second hand smoke is the leading cause of approximately 3800 lung cancer deaths and 50000 heart disease deaths of adult non smokers in the United States alone each year. The heart and lungs of a human body are the organs typically affected by tobacco cigarette smoke and its inhalation. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention points out that even the non smokers who are exposed to second hand smoke at home or office increase their heart and lung diseases risks by 28 to 30 percent.

Smokers must be aware of the after-effects of their actions. They are in fact, not only killing themselves slowly but also innocent onlookers. Adult people are certainly not the only ones that are damaged by the effects of second hand smoke. The American Lung Association says that pregnant women with exposure to these chemicals and poisons are at a heightened risk of giving birth to dead babies or low weight babies. People from every walk of life who are exposed to second hand smoke is at a risk of contracting malicious diseases; and some, such as asthmatics,  are particularly affected by these toxins. The American Cancer Society have brought out reports which state that second hand smoke leads to an increase in the number and severity of asthma attacks in children who have asthma. These smokers obviously have no innate sense or knowledge whether a bystander suffers from asthma or not. In fact, they should not pose the threat of leading to a sudden attack. In addition to all this, the toxins and chemicals immediately affect the heart and blood vessels of a human being despite the amount of second hand smoke exposure.

The dangers of second hand smoke are a reality and it has become widespread among the population. It is an unfortunate situation that people who normally take proper measures to maintain their good health are rendered powerless to block this disease-causing invasion of hard core smokers. So, what can you do about this? Once aware of the dangers associated with second hand smoke, it is hard to ignore the next deep breath of toxic fumes that get inhaled as we pass by a smoker in some public areas. Anyone can lobby for a drastic change to this unhealthy habit and practice. Many countries have already passed legislations to ban smoking in public places such as restaurants and theatres. Several other states are following the herd by passing similar laws as smoking is becoming less acceptable in the society at large.

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