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Scotchguard Your Carpets

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Carpets are found in various colours and patterns and not only provide warmth and comfort to the room, but also create a more relaxing environment to the house. Some of the best carpets in the market are rather expensive, and it is possible to the life of such carpets by Scotchguarding the carpet.

If you Scotchguard your carpet, you protect your carpet from the everyday spills and dirt a carpet goes through. And by using the Scotchguard brand, you are assured that your carpet is provided maximum protection.

Scotchguard not only your carpets

It is possible to have the Scotchguard protector applied in the manufacturing stage of the carpet in the carpet mill, or you could get an approved Scotchguard specialist like Supreme carpetcare.com to do it for you. Not only your carpet, but other products like your garden furnishing, shoes, clothing's and home furnishing can be prolonged by applying Scotchguard to the product.

With a Scotchguard protector, each fibre of the carpet is locked together to form an invisible shield for the carpet without effecting its look or feel. The material is so strong that it can withstand everyday dust and spills to make cleaning and vacuuming of the carpet much easier.

Another product that can be used for protecting your carpet is the Scotchguard Stain Release. It too can be applied in the carpet manufacturing stage or at home by Scotchguard specialists. The additional benefit of this substance is that all artificial food and drink colourings stains by can be easily removed even if they dry in the carpet.

Choose the right Scotchguard specialist

If you opt to Scotchguard your carpet through a Scotchguard specialist, make sure that the person is qualified for best results. This is because these carpet technicians apply genuine Scotchguard and are certified by 3M.

They may be expensive as they use genuine Scotchguard, which costs more than $100 per gallon, and is not diluted. However, you are ensured that they will be able to do the job effectively.

The right procedure to Scotchguard your carpet

Make sure that the carpet is cleaned first to get rid of loose material, factory residue and fibres from the carpet. It is preferable to safeguard the carpet before furniture is placed on the carpet.

After application the Scotchguard, rake the carpet as it helps in the penetration of the Scotchguard into the carpet. This makes the carpet look as good as new. If the Scotchguard is done properly, the carpet should dry and be ready for placing furniture within 12 - 24 hours' of its application.

Once you Scotchguard your carpet, you protect it from soiling, give long lasting protection to the carpet and find it much easier to blot spills away. Moreover it makes cleaning of the carpet much easier and effective while helping in preserving the appearance of the carpet. In a nutshell, with Scotchguard, you are sure of the protection of your investment.

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