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Save Money By Quitting Cigarette Smoking

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

If you quit smoking today, you can save bags full of money. Several people and instances have already tried to determine how much savings you can have if you quit smoking, but of course that will differ from smoker to smoker as well as be influenced by other factors associated with smoking such as health matter.

In the work place

Smokers sometimes get a hot deal, not making money, but not being hired by Companies.

They may say it out loud or they may not, but they prefer non-smokers because

1. smokers take more sick days off.
2. they fall ill more and
3. their family falls ill more.
4. they have a shorter attention span as they have to go out for a smoke every couple of hours,
5. they have higher health insurance premiums that some companies hate to foot and
6. they may pass respiratory infections to co-workers.

By quitting cigarette smoking you can widen your horizons as far as jobs are concerned and then have a greater chance of sticking around.

How to decrease your assets' value

Have you ever thought that a smell that you as a smoker cannot smell can influence the value of for instance your house? Because non-smokers are not willing to buy a house filled with the stench of cigarette smoke. The people living there may have gotten accustomed to the smoky smell, but for non-smokers the carpets, drapes and furniture reek of cigarette smoke and it can either result in a slower sale of the house or not getting as much money as you would like for it.

The second most valuable asset after your house is most probably your car. Is the inside of your car smelling like your house .... Full of smoke? What an easy way to decrease the value of your car ! If you want to get more money for your home and car down the road - and who doesn't - quit cigarette smoking today.

Even places like an online auction site can be an unlikely place where your smoking can lose you money. Many bidders prefer stuff from smoke-free homes when they for instance buy toys for their children. If you have kids and you are looking for toys and other stuff online on auction sites, you will undoubtedly see many listings which highlight the fact that their bedding or plush toys come from smoke-free homes. They expect to and often do get better money just because they do not smoke.

Looking smart can cost you more

Because your clothes are always smelling of smoke, it may be that cleaning them professionally 0r having them laundered, might cost you more than just an airing. A few dollars here and there may not seem like much now, but multiply the number of extra dry cleaning items by the number of weeks you have smoked and you will not be too pleased with the answer.

Personal costs

Smoke affects your breath as well as your teeth. Bad breath and yellow teeth can cost you money, even if it is only a packet of mints. Factor every expense, from the value of your home to a pack of breath mints and add it up. Multiply it by the number of years you have been smoking and it can shock you.

Why not take up this challenge: You are a smoker and your kids are secondary smokers, let x-rays be taken of your lungs as well as your kids' lungs. Then compare it with x-rays from a non-smoker. Your kids' x-rays might just be the reason why you quit smoking.

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