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San Diego Flooring - 3 Simple Steps for Bamboo Installation

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0
San Diego Flooring: 3 Simple Steps for Installing Bamboo Flooring

Step 1: Let bamboo acclimate to the floor

The most eco-friendly bamboo comes from forestry and includes adhesives with lower levels of formaldehyde. Bamboo is eco-friendly, fast growing and does not need to be replanted after its cut, making it agreeable for the environment.

Bamboo is a grass that develops in less than five years. The same plant can be harvested again and again, while hardwoods take decades to grow and when the tree is cut down, its gone. Best of all, bamboo looks lovely with identity all its own, including €œgrowth rings and €œknuckles that add character to your floor.€¨Following purchasing the San Diego floor, the pieces have to adapt to the climate in your room for several days, so laying them in small piles is a good idea.

Step 2: Check your floor type and determine the best approach

Installing bamboo is moderately simple. One may install bamboo floors on top of wood or concrete and above or below ground. If you decide to install on a cement floor, gluing is the best option. Work in small sections, connecting the boards as you go. If you enlist a hammer it will help guarantee a tight fit.

Alternatively, bamboo San Diego flooring is nailed or you can create a floating floor as comics get together on top of a layer of foam. A horizontal incision will give you a longer distance compared with a narrow vertical incision. A horizontal section shows tend to be more bamboo markings.

Step 3: Maintain a clean floor

Bamboo is also very easy to maintain, but comparable to wood, it is susceptible to scratching and denting. It can maintain its freshness if you sweep with a soft broom and mop with natural cleaners. Check for a guarantee, most vendors offer a lifelong structural warranty and a 15-year warranty. Acquire a scratch repair kit and burn repair kit from the product manufacturer.۬Also, it's very important to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on the bamboo floor and place rugs at the entrances to your home. Be sure to keep your pet's claws and nails trimmed so as to avoid abrasions to the bamboo.
Use appropriate blinds and shades, because direct sunlight can cause adverse effects to the bamboo and discolor it in the process. In the mid-range in terms of hardness, bamboo can be more susceptible to dents and sand down faster when it's refinished.
Following these best-practice steps will help you get the most out of your bamboo flooring.

Enjoy your new floors! If you have any questions feel free to contact us at West Coast Flooring, your San Diego flooring leader!
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