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Rule Britannia - Canute Ahoy

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0


Innovator or Opportunist ?

Maybe it´s because he seems to be reading my articles or perhaps there is another lone wolf out there pounding the fringes of change. It´s not the first time it's happened. Mr. Cameron is making some very curious noises and ones which one would not somehow associate with namby pamby party politics and Mrs. Mopp. He is actually rebelling against the very system that bred and nurtured him - the waste - the incompetence - the throw money at it brigade, of which Mr. Brown is a fully grown and very venerable member.

It is awesome because at first hearing, it seemed to die as it poured out its sacrilegious content. In fact, it is tucked away somewhere in one of my articles on the site which actually quotes him. Then silence -  and just before I eyed the quill with  menacing intent to do political harm, I heard the sounds again - waste, bureaucracy, Latin ID concepts and unusual, meaningful manifestations. If he is really in earnest, then Britain is back with a bang, because I doubt if the other two have any idea of the social impact of what he is talking about. Social reform created modern Britain and kept it way up there for centuries so perhaps it's not so weird that in the hour of desperation, metamorphosis should be the  answer.

The Conservative party under Thatcher died its own death with bankruptcy at the door and her theatrical performances gradually rendering her invisible as mine and that of millions of other's fortunes dissolved in the black hole whilst greedy, vicious bankers mopped up the residue for their family and friends. Then there was the case of the flats for votes as the roofs over people´s heads became instruments of political barter. Quite disgusting and as my godson swung from Hussein's trap door for no reason other than he was an Observer Journalist clumsily finding a good story, our Maggie let him go because the Lady was not for turning. I hope she has paid him a visit at Highgate cemetery and smeared lipstick on the monstrous Marx effigy next door. In any case, as we used to say in those day - the last one to leave, switch the lights out ! But then as so many expatriates found out - life in the wilds of lower Europe begins where that last light bulb went off but apart from the social alkis who bemoan the loss of Empire because the immigrants left it to rot behind them, there seemed to be some sort of life there in the chastised Isles just before  Mr. Blair became Queen. Jokes apart, I am sure that he did it no better than Mrs. Thatcher to whom Her Majesty once bowed  aboard the Britannia and who probably took it off her in the end, in spite. Sad story, but then Britain, post black hole, seemed to be heading somewhere except that nobody seemed to realize that this was now Labour Britain and that it is supposed to be the workers party. Not that anybody believes in that anymore, but it does show why its executives including the Parliamentary representatives at top level, have kept on spending as if they owned the money at personal level. Economics has never been the strong point of the left middle or off centre, with the result that borrowing when the six or seven digits were not on the bank statement, seemed the obvious thing to do. And that it seems is what must have happened because the colossal debt that this recently dissolved administration put together will take a few generations of genies to blow apart. Socialist parties throughout Europe cannot it seems, tell the difference between public and private employment or that one of the latter is worth three times the former in gold. Simple arithmetic, but too late for the showdown as the nation faces an austerity that no level of taxation -  looped to where it does most harm - the threadbare private purse, is going to turn around. In fact, this is where Mr.Cameron comes in.

Very few politicians venture into the area of public spending without the likes of our ancient Mrs.Mary Whitehouse catapulting onto the stage with cries of woe. To them it means three wheeled ambulances, incandescent lit operating theatres and flash frozen public amenities. What they never think about is doing what all good businessmen do and that is cutting down on waste and efficiency-slimming the management structure. In Britain´s case, lopping off every tangential growth in those disjointed armies of smug civil servants, would cause no bleeding, if ever there was any sap there in any case. As such therefore, putting a great deal of them on civvy street with enough to keep them in the lack of exercise they so seriously wanted, is not a bad thing at all. Take the power from the bureaucracy - give it back to the politicians and make the politicians more responsible to the people, is about the only valid things to say in the mess most unlikely leading countries appear to be in. Perhaps Mr. Cameron might then be able to speak with an ever louder voice as it strikes the chord that most have been silently wasting for. Cut the paperwork - increase the incentives - let us get on with our lives and invent and apply as we have always been doing within our own way of doing things. How aspiring - how British - and if the rest can be persuaded (including our imported friends), to follow suit, then even the sparkling nationalist party might have to find its own tinder. Who knows, it might even persuade the underestimated tired and tested Mr.Portillo to get back on to where he left off and where many would assume he should have stayed put.   Let the fun begin....

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