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Romance Scams--Just A Bump On Your Way To Finding Love

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 109   |   Comments: 0

Romance scams are a real bump in anyone's life. It means the loss of money and valuable possessions. But most importantly, it means great emotional loss.

It's like a part of you is gone or torn away.

A friend of mine described her scam experience as being worse than the gang rape experience she had when she was a teenager.
Another one said her experience was worse than losing a dearly loved one.

Many people who have experienced romance scams felt like dying immediately after their experience. Not a few of them lost their mortgage because they couldn't meet up with payments again after being scammed.

Well, let's fast forward the action to about eight months later, and what do we see?
Most of these same set of people who were so forlorn then, are either married, or are about to get married. Most have found themselves in a new relationship.

They were able to find true love again after their sad experience.

Even the die-hards amongst them, who swore never to love again, are singing a different song now. They have found out that there is love after a romance scam.

A scam is a temporary stop to life, not a permanent one. It's just like a bump on your way. Bumps are speed breakers on the road, they should not stop anyone from getting to where they want to.

My word of encouragement to everyone who has gone through this sad experience is that they should realise that after thunder comes rain.
Their sad experience will soon go away and they will soon heal, especially as they interact with people with similar experiences.

With time, they will find love again after experiencing a romance scam.
I'm not saying it's that easy, but it's what I've seen over and over again happening to many people.

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