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Relive Your Life Again

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Panic attack is stressful and discomforting to those who experience it.  Repeated attacks leave the victim even more fearful of the situation. Normally not knowing the cause of panic attack many of us tend to withdraw from society or fall into the hand of depression rather than dealing with the problem. There are many panic attacks treatment available according to one's need.

Panic attack is our body's response as fight or flight mechanism. Whenever we take loads of pressure our hormones tend to goes haywire reaching its peak level. These hormones are the reason we get our panic attack. We should know that panic attack is curable.

Panic attack symptoms are of various type but usually is characterized by extreme amount of fear and anxiety. With that comes dizziness, abdominal cramps chest pain, nausea, feeling of dying, feeling drowsy, nervousness and many others. These symptoms are often mistaken with heart attack symptoms. So make sure to consult a doctor before deciding to rush to an emergency room.

Several drugs available in the market are prescribed by doctors for panic attacks treatment. Tranquilizers can also be effective benzodiazepines such as alpazolam or clonazepam. But medication comes with side effect. Many of the drugs act as a sedative causing drowsiness resulting in motor dysfunction and impairing of cognitive. In severe cases many anti depressant drugs are prescribed by doctors which alleviate the symptoms. Many therapy and self help treatment are also advised by doctors. Traditional panic attacks treatment includes paper bag method. Here one is advised to breath slowly in a paper bag. This helps in slowing down your breath and we can avoid hyperventilation. Simple breathing techniques are highly recommended.

It is very important to understand the cause of this attack. Most of the attack occurs mainly because the patient fears that the attack might be repeated time and again. In Cognitive Behaviour Treatment a patient understands the reason behind its attack. Thus during repeated attacks one can prevent the attack from occurring again. This panic attacks treatment includes simple breathing and relaxation techniques.

Safer way for panic attack treatment is using herbal products. This drugs works on the nervous system helping it to calm down.  The sympathetic nervous system helps our body defend against any stress causing body changes while the parasympathetic nervous system helps the body to regain back it is normal state. In panic attacks treatment many drugs are used to help in relaxing our nerves. Drugs like Nervine work with this technique and are usually found in german oatstraw and camomille.

The best way for panic attacks treatment is to take control of your life. A victim tends to fall into depression at the cost of their family, career and friends. Organizing your life is very important step for curing this disorder. Exercising regularly and eating healthy will prevent the attack to a great extent. If we keep on taking stress or pressure more than our body can take we will be prone to panic attack and before you know it you might fall a victim in its hand. So take necessary steps from the beginning to avoid any risk later.

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