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Recruiting Planning Strategy for Medical Staffing Agencies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Recruiting Planning Strategy

Your recruiting strategy is fundamentally one of the most important steps in starting your medical staffing agency. If you cannot find the qualified talent to fill positions your will quickly ruin your reputation and the ability for repeat business. Let's take a look at what you can do to begin your recruiting planning strategy.

The problem new agencies face

As a new company you are eager to begin your new agency and reap the rewards associated with a successful staffing agency. A company I consulted for in a matter of six months was billing over $100,000 a year in their startup. They had planned for the potential growth by securing methods to acquire recruits quickly and effortlessly.

The recruits you seek are often found in unlikely places. Not all potential recruits are found in monster.com or in job fairs. It is also unlikely that you will find all your recruits in trade magazines or respond to an ad in a newspaper. Sometimes you will find the majority of your recruits using only one viable method.

As a new company your problem will be to create a process that allows a continual stream of recruits calling you. This is the goal of any new medical staffing agency wishing to stay in business beyond the start-up phase.

Cutting red tape making hiring easier

One of the other problems facing new medical staffing agencies is making it difficult to simply get the employee working. It seems easy enough, but you will be surprised how difficult it can become. I have seen medical staffing agencies provide a 200 page manual covering everything from mandated topics to non-disclosure and requiring the recruit to sign each page. Then the recruit is tested, tested and tested. After three hours the employee is then required to go home and wait for their call.

Other companies loose recruits by not having quick access to pay rates, invoices etc. Some recruits call in facilities for a quick on the spot pay rate, other recruits don't want to bother filling out huge forms before working. Some if not all of the red tape can be eliminated. You want to make the hiring process smooth, fast and to the point. The goal is to get the recruit working as fast as possible and stay long term with your company.

Making your recruits, recruit.

The whole premise of recruiting planning strategy is found within the confines of recruiting dynamics: an out of the box way of recruiting and finding candidates quickly and effectively with the least expenditure attached to it. By means of satisfying your recruits they then become a dynamic vendor assistance center, a walking representation of your company. The recruit is transformed into a marketing PR campaign.

The recruit can only represent a medical staffing agency positively if they have experienced a positive streamlined process in their hiring experience. Recruiting dynamics shows the many windows a medical staffing agency can succeed in the recruiting process. Ignoring the importance of one aspect of the recruiting dynamic process will undermine the whole goal of a medical staffing agency.

The value of having your recruits, recruit can be calculated in terms of actual dollars, but more importantly is a gauge against failure to actualize client relationships. Client relationships are beyond the scope of this report, yet it is also a facet of the strategic approach to recruiting.

So why should recruits work for you

So why should recruits work for you, that is the question that can easily be answered upon building a foundation with your recruiting efforts. The process of recruiting can be individualized or seem to be individualized. Holding the individual in a targeted branding effect builds a friendship that is more difficult to walk away from.

New medical staffing agencies cannot compete against multi-million dollars companies engaging in recruiting the same candidates that you are recruiting. Using the same approach your €œdeep pocketed competition is doing will quickly undermine your efforts and deal a mighty financial blow to your marketing dollars. It is best to approach your recruiting efforts to attract potential recruits using a unique and long lasting strategy.

Part of the recruiting planning strategy is to formulate this plan ahead of time and understand your limitations and the limitations of your competition. Within your limitations are found strengths that will attract recruits to work for you.

Building your recruiting foundation.

View each candidate as a potential recruiting representative that will provide valuable assistance in the growth of your medical staffing agency. Recruiting planning strategy is part of the recruiting dynamic approach to securing a long lasting relationship with your recruits and future business.

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