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By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Why do you need a People Search? What are the reasons for people going missing? These, of course, are numerous. Many are lost for one reason or another as children - given for adoption, neglected, put into foster care due to abuse. Many and varied.
Teenagers who have rowed with parents or had problems with step parents. With the breakdown in family a lot of families bring into the home people who do not get on with the existing children and they run away from home.
There are people who disappear because they cannot face the consequences of failing, losing their job, illness (depression) and much more.
However, there are people who care who want to find these missing people - who care and are desperate. Not knowing what has happened to loved ones can be a devastating experience.
This is where People Search USA can help. Trying to climb the mountain to find people alone is too great a task. Help is needed.
Many parents who were unable to care for child in the beginning may have improved their lives and their outlook. They have become more mature and are now able to give the child love and stability. Here is a quote from "Lost and Found" CBS News
"They've been called some of the loneliest people on earth: children who were taken away from their parents due to neglect or abuse, but were never adopted by new families. Stranded in the child welfare system, they move from foster homes to group homes. There are tens of thousands of these children. They have no one - not a single relative to visit on Christmas or their birthday.
As correspondent Lesley Stahl reports , there are now several cities across the country that are trying something new. It's called "family finding." The goal is to track down the families these children were taken away from in the first place to see if they can go home again.
Thirteen-year-old Samara has been in foster care her whole life and now lives at "Five Acres," a treatment center for troubled kids. Officials tell 60 Minutes she does well in school, but that she struggles with severe depression, despite years of therapy and medication.
"She was very suicidal, very self-harming," Marylou McGuirk, Samara's therapist, remembers.
"Is your analysis of her case that it was all stemming from the loss of her mother?" Stahl asks.
"I believe it was the loss of her family," McGuirk explains. "Not having a support system around her. And that trauma - was there was no healing process for that."
The search began with just a few details about her mother. "I have her first name, we think an accurate spelling, a middle initial and a last name. We think she was in Culver City , Calif. We think that she's 27 years old," he explains.
That's all they had. And yet, with the help of a company called "U.S. Search," they were able to find not only Samara's mother, but a virtual family tree. Within two hours, the search yielded 44 family members.This is the family Samara knew nothing about. Samara also met her mother Lakesha.
Asked if in her own eyes she neglected her daughter, she says, "There's a lot of things that I could have done better, as a parent, I think, but I don't think, I don't think I did so much to have lost Samara."
Lakesha says she's a different person today. She has a full-time job as a teacher's aid, and is raising three young, healthy children."
Whatever the reasons for People Searching there is help out there.

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