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Real Life Survivor of Abuse

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Losing cathy...chapter 1.Cathy was the girl whome everybody loved, bubbly confident. courageous, a shoulder to cry on, a friend in a time of need.
She was born in the spring of 1969, she was delivered by a young irish midwife, she had been her thirteenth delivery, bad luck as some would say, even more to find out that the midwife had been replaced the next day by another duty midwife, because she had killed herself on the night of cathy's birth.
Little did cathy know what the future was to bring, she was a baby, but as she grew older thing#s did not seem right as she found out.
Cathy could only recall the year's in her childhood from the age of eight years's, she doen't know what happened to the eight year's that were stolen from her by her drunken abusive father as she beleive's now.
Cathy was the middle child and had two older sister's, of which were five year's and three year's older than her.
She had a younger brother at that time and he was two year's younger than her.
Mother worked hard trying to make end's meet, making sof fur toy's on her old treddle machine, the sound's of the machine stuck deep in cathy's mind, all of mother's children made sure the house was spick as spam for the return of their father, they didn't want to make father angry, and avoided the situation.
Father would fall in the door, from his alcahol addiction at dinner time, and he made his demand's, of get me this, get me that, he would have his usual moan about how hard life treat's him, and he would take it all out on his wife and children.
Cathy's sister's and brother clung to each other, they would dissapear away from it all, if they could..but most of the time's the girl's would have to sit on father's knee whilst he told them how much he loved them with his hand's up their top's, and that it was okay to touch them anytime he felt.
Cathy was too young to understand..but her elder sister's knew thing's shouldn't be happening away they was.
But they couldn't do anything, they were still children, and they did their best to protest their younger sibling's.
Mother also had to put up with the abuse from father, he was violent toward's her also and threatened her many time's with his big butcher's knife, also with his shouvel type hand's wrapped tightly round her neck.
The family were kept like prisoner's and slave's by this man, but there was nothing that they could do to escape their knightmarish life of abuse.
Mother bought us pet's she tryed hopeslly to make her children happy, but father would kill them if they got sick, this stick's in one of cathy's memorie's.
Father used to be a butcher by trade, and in his earlier year's before he met cathy's mother, he worked as a butcher.
So father knew how to cut up meat, but when he had his children he got a job at the local cooker making factory and worked regular night's.
But it never stopped him poaching for animal's, which he would bring home and slaughter them in front of his children.
Rabbit's were one of his favourite's skinned hung up upside down in the leantoo, and getting them ready for a stew.
We ate what we was given, because food was a reward for being good.
He decided to breed rabbit's in the back garden, and cathy and her sibling's would feed them up, the rabbit's became the children's pet's, but little did they know they were feeding their future foodchain, and they would be served up on the menu for them all.
All the children refused to eat them for their dinner, it was like eating your pet, at this time in cathy's life, she was thirteen and their was a new addition to the family, another boy.
Cathy would never stand up for herself as a child, but the middle sister did, she so brave, and was alway's straight to the point, she alway's stood up for everyone and wasn't afraid of the beating's that she would get in doing so.
As her youngest brother at that time cryed about eating the rabbit stew, father would continuously force it down his neck, whilst the strongest one of the children told the father, "leave him alone!".
And he stopped forcing the rotton stew down the boy's throat, and took out his anger on her.
Cathy was so proud of her sister, even though she kept it to

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