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Reading Articles From the Frozen Food Section

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

There is a trend in recent article writing and progressed civilization is leading the charge. I call it writing and reading frozen food articles. Just open contents, read instructions, apply a couple minutes of your sweet time and voila! The finest food for thought this side of Antarctica.

Somewhere along the line in our ever-quickening society, we decided to forgo organic, thought-provoking writing with quick and easy how-to manuals. Something like the side of the box instructions you read to cook dinner in your microwave.

Yahoo's front page is a virtual carousel of these types of articles. How many "Enlighten your relationship in four easy steps" articles have enlightened your relationships?

In some cases, this can make for an interesting, entertaining read.

The problem lies in the concept that an instructional-step style of writing is a one size fits all for every topic. This style of writing works well if it is your aim to build a bookshelf or bake a casserole. It doesn't work so well when the topic is aimed toward bettering yourself as a human being.

I'm not attempting to take a holier than thou attitude, claiming you won't find that style of writing on this blog. I enjoy Top 5 lists as much as the next frozen foods reader! However, to avoid future contradictory accusations, in this blog space, these types of articles will be kept to a minimum.

Sometimes we need to give a fish for gift, so to speak. It stays fun and refreshing that way.

Mostly, the articles herein are not meant to lay the proverbial fish on your plate with golden fork and knife. Rather, they are to provide you with substance for thought. My purpose is to write thought-provoking lines of identification, observation, opportunity - for you.

In other words, I'm willing to hand you my pole, bait, even my beloved fishing hat. To ensure you're headed towards water, I'll provide you the way, but only by pointing in general direction. It's up to you to figure out the rest, as what works for one may not for another.

It may take more time to get through my articles, though nothing is hidden within them. There are no passive secrets of profound knowledge. If you cross a passage which you do not understand at first, read it again, then form your own conclusion through deepened thought, if necessary.

This is the only way for another to reach you to change, from an external port. We know that change comes from within. It will not happen unless it is from within our own.

And if you did notice, it doesn't come from the frozen food section.

Enjoy your catch! You can keep the hat.

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