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Radar Detectors: How To Get Good Value

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

If you want a radar detector for your car, you will find there is an amazing range of prices and models. The question is: How much should you pay?

One answer is another question: 'How much is your licence worth, and how much will your insurance go up if you get a ticket'? Put like that, you might think it was worth several hundred dollars to buy a good radar detector that will protect you from both radar and laser guns.
You will need to choose from a budget model, which might be very useful most of the time – but not all the time – or a more expensive one that will provide the highest protection against speeding tickets you can get.

Consider various products

I recommend that before you buy a radar detector, you do some research, on the internet or locally. Also, ask friends what they know about radar detectors. The question then is how much money you can afford, and how well you want to be protected. Some police forces use radar guns, and others use laser guns to measure your speed. Neither is very accurate, but some are easier to set up and use than others. Obviously, the police don't want to waste time setting up the camera when they could be nabbing drivers for speeding!

There is another useful device, which operates differently from the others. This is the Veil radar detector which makes it difficult for the laser light beams to bounce off your car. In fact, they still do bounce back, but not till you are quite close to the laser gun. However good detectors tell you when you are a long way from the laser gun, so you have plenty of time to slow down.

Actually, the first decision is: are radar and laser detectors legal where you live? Find that out before you spend a penny! But remember, surveys show that people who use radar detectors have less accidents than others, presumably because they are more vigilant. Even if there is some doubt about the legality, bear in mind the safety aspects of radar detectors.

Once you are happy that you can use one, the question is: what sort of detector, having found out what type of detectors are used in your area? Next, decide which product you want to buy. The internet is useful here, allowing you to compare different products and different prices. However, do remember this: everyone who puts up a site to sell laser or radar detectors has a vested interest - he or she wants you to buy the products they are offering. Therefore, visit quite a few sites.

The other really useful step is to study reviews to get another viewpoint on how radar detectors compare. You will find that the car magazines have some good reviews, and these are usually published on the internet.

Don't forget that you want a detector that is easy to fit, is portable, and has excellent performance.

The thing is that one day, you will need a radar detector - the police are using more and more speed cameras each year. You will be happy if when that day comes you get good warning from your detector, but will be annoyed if it doesn't - and that annoyance will increase once you find how much the ticket will cost you altogether. After all, a ticket can mean increased insurance premiums for three years.

Therefore, I recommend you get the best radar detector you can afford, and to make sure that when you decide to buy a new car, you will be able to transfer the radar detector to your new one easily.

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