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quot;61 Children's Day" Kids businesses until they make efforts in promotion

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0
Although from the "61 Children's Day" will take some time, major shopping centers promotional activities have already started warm, early momentum for the holiday, its emphasis comparable to "51." The face of the festival business opportunities Kids Businesses work hard not only in marketing, it is to seize the trend, focus on brand promotion, Golden Nuggets in various ways Sell Day.

When the happy family of three, dressed in the same style of clothes in the airport, Hotels , Resorts, attractions, playground time, around envy, certainly a person's mood to add more happiness?? This is the parent-child attachments charm! The first parent-child attachments now popular in the South have begun sweeping the country's cities, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, the pursuit of quality of life for many families a taste of the parent-child attachments to mental pleasures.

Beijing told the author of a children's clothing merchants, parent-child attachments is children's clothing industry, fashion trends, many parents and children willing to wear the same clothes, and children play the game, narrowing the distance and children, parent-child attachments in their business since the store sales were rising rapidly, 61 Children's Day is coming soon, this business is being bought into the mass of the parent-child attachments, in order to seize the neighboring markets, achieve good sales.

To seize this market, many adults before Clothing Company took the opportunity to develop children's clothing products, such as ELLE, attachment Kids series were developed, and some children's clothing brand increased adult size and style elements, such as Nike Kids wear big yard for young fathers, many of the brand has developed a Kids party equipment, Dress Loaded, so that children and parents can go to parties. With all of the children, increasing the degree of concern, with 61 coming Children's Day, there will be the "Family-style" market reheat, more children's clothing businesses will flock to Denver in this area.

Although the distance "61" Children's Day a few days, but businesses have long been sensitive to the pre-holiday spending to capture the atmosphere, merchandise sales have hit children's brand, children's clothing the store, Shop colorful promotional activities, so that were dizzying.

Recently, the author in a number of commercial street and shopping malls, supermarkets that businesses are already in operation, "61" promotional activities, many Children's Clothing Are marked by "5? 7 off" tag, parents shopping with children's also significantly increased. Online promotions

also not inferior, and the author Taobao search bar enter "61", immediately a "61 costumes," "Children's Day Dress 61" and other keywords, search volume has reached thousands of and businesses are playing a different range of promotional signs. As more and more schools now hold a variety of activities to celebrate the festival, therefore stimulating the children's clothing market performance.

Brand children's clothing has become a common phenomenon favored high prices
Recent years, children's clothing industry has developed rapidly in the whole Clothing Increasing the share of the industry. Demand for children's clothing brand that will enhance the children's wear market, brand development, shopping centers and children's clothing business activities to gradually establish a sense of brand management, in particular, high-profile brand children's clothing has become a major market introduction of the object. 61 Children's Day, parents to children to buy clothing is still in love with brand children's clothing, but the current high price of children's clothing brand has become a common phenomenon.

High prices caused by two main reasons, first, not the current production costs of children's clothing clothing prices lower than in adults, although children's clothes Fabric May save some, but from the fabrication process, the Children's craft is not less than adult clothing technology; Second, for some of the more well-known manufacturers, they produce clothes for all children not only to buy them for clothes of the customers, these manufacturers continue to pursue clothing fabrics and styles, resulting in children's clothing prices higher.
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