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Quit Smoking - You Need Help !

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0
The battle against nicotine dependence is long and arduous and people need help to stop smoking. Many smokers have been known to try and fail. And yet, today, more and more smokers are finding it difficult to smoke freely and hence find them selves having to give up or cut down on smoking. The health implications too are monumental and have reached a stage where some smokers have no option but to give up completely. But it is not easy to quit smoking.

Nicotine dependence is something that needs sustained effort, medical supervision and determination in most cases. There are many clinics and dependence centers that are offering programs that help to stop smoking. These programs offer a combination of physician's supervision, anti-dependence drugs, counseling sessions and group therapy. Quitting is not the only issue here, but being able to stay off nicotine is the primary factor.

Over and above programs that help to stop smoking, a number of branded non-prescription remedies are also available these days. These include Nicotine Gum, Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Nasal Sprays, Nicotine Inhalers and Nicotine Lozenges. These are either chewed, fixed to the skin, sprayed into the mouth, sprayed into the nasal cavity or sucked like candy respectively. However, they all work on the basis of small doses of nicotine being released into the system in decreasing amounts. This is done in order to reduce dependence on nicotine while slowly being weaned off it.

Prescription drugs too are available such as Varenicline and Bupropion. These need to be taken under medical supervision and do not contain any nicotine. Varenicline helps to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms while controlling the craving itself. Bupropion is easy to consume in pill form and tends to have some side effects. You need to know what are the possible side effects you may experience. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about these.

However, it is widely acknowledged that ultimately it is your own will power that can help to stop smoking, in addition to all these remedies. Your will power is what will be required every day : you must not cheat during your quit. Even if the stop smoking products really help you by removing cravings or withdrawal symptoms, you will be the only one to have to keep the right mindset and focus on the success. Your determination is a very powerful resource, so don't waste it for just a few days and get back to smoking.

In conclusion, you can get help to quit smoking with the support from your friends and family, or a partner to quit with you. You can join stop smoking programs and get some stop smoking aids to make things easier. Add to this self help (your will power) and you will make it. Quit smoking now !

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