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Quick and Easy way to Get a Free PS3

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

The Sony Playstation 3 was a break thorugh in not only gaming, but also true multimedia experience. The PS3 combined stunning 1080p graphics with a built in Blu-Ray drive and breathtaking gameplay. Oh, and don't forget, the free online network, the "PSN."

The Playstation 3 first appeared in 2006 as Sony's effort at a seventh generation gaming console. Upon being released, the PS3 had to see of sharp competition from both the XBOX 360, and the Nintendo Wii. Nevertheless, the Playstation 3 proved extremely popular, with over forty million units being sold worldwide as of September 2010.

But, did you know that not every owner of a PS3 had to fork out £250? These owners were the ones that got their hands on a free PS3 from the incentives website, Freebie Jeebies. How? That's what you're probably thinking. These clever people made use of a method of internet marketing known as affiliate marketing. It's a method well known in the "make money online" industry, but few people know how to use it to this scale.

Online business depends heavily on the quality and quantity of your 'leads'. In other words, if your customers don't know about your service, they cant use your service. This is the pivot around which most freebie networks operate. It's all about the customers.

Many large and well established firms, such as bookmakers are on a constant quest for new customers, so much so, that they will pay websites that send new users their way. And that simple sentence explains everything.

Put back onto topic, the Freebie website such as Freebie Jeebies, gets paid money, say £30, every time one of their users clicks a banner, signs up, and spends a certain amount, say £5, or completes a free trial on their site. Once the freebie network is paid this fee, their user (you or me) is credited with a completed offer, often referred to as a green. If we now refer 10 people to do the same, the network gets paid 10 times, and from this they will have built up the money get you your free gift, and still make a profit.

It's a win, win scenario for all the parties involved.

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