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Quality Tomatoes: Soil Preparation Makes The Difference For When Should I Plant Tomatoes?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

The goal is for the soil to be in the best shape, so no matter if you are planting tomatoes from seeds, or in transplanting nursery grown plants, the adjustment period for the new seeds to germinate and the roots to take hold is minimal. For successful tomatoes, soil preparation is the first step. Two tomato gardening tips come to mind to help the plants grow and to plan when should I plant tomatoes based onsoil conditions. You will have to find a good balance between the two. One tomato growing tip is about cultivation and the other tip is about the weather.

Your Tomatoes: Soil Preparation and Cultivation Tips

The soil must be turned over and worked down to a nice manageable consistency. You can do this with a tiller, going back and forth five or six times or for smaller gardens old fashioned shoveling will do. If you use the shovel you need to turn it over a couple times until all the clumps are gone and then hack at it with shovels, hoes and rakes until you get it looking good. A raised bed is a great plan for tomatoes as the soil stays looser and is easier to deal with in the spring.

Yes, adding fertilizer at this point is also a good thing, Tomatoes like manure, and you can buy bags of composted manure to work into the soil. One thing to know about when I should plant tomatoes is to wait a day between adding any organic fertilizer to the soil and planting your seeds or plants.

Your Tomatoes: Soil Preparation and The Weather

Even when your soil is primed and ready to go the weather affect the condition of your soil and it will by default affect when I should plant tomatoes. It does not matter if you are growing tomatoes from seed or transplanting from a nursery pack, any soil that is too wet or too dry will not serve you well. If it is too dry the seeds will not germinate or the roots will not take to the soil. If it is too wet the both the seeds and roots will rot. One of the tomato gardening problems either way, is that thedirt gets all hard and sometimes clumpy again, so you will have to use you hoe.

At this point in planting tomatoes, soil preparation is more waiting game. For dry soil you need to run the sprinkler for several hours and wait for it to seep in, possible the next day before planting, and then keep it moist until the next rain. For wet soil due to rain, you wait until it dries out enough before planting your tomatoes.

Finding a good blend with these two issues for your tomatoes soil preparation will help you get your plant off to a good start on the road to the best, plump, juicy tomatoes for your salads and sandwiches all summer.

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