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Puppy Training Tips Sit and Lie Down

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0
Once your puppy responds well to the command to come, you can begin teaching it to sit and to lie down. To ensure that you are always in control, you should practice the following exercise with the puppy on the lead. On completing this routine successfully, your puppy will be able to carry out a sequence of commands for the first time.

Facing the puppy, move away with the lead in your left hand and a food treat in your right. Keeping calm and trying not to excite the puppy, tell it to come to you as you show it the food.

When the puppy reaches you, slowly move the treat up and over its head. The puppy will sit in order to keep its eyes on the food. Give the command "Sit" as it starts to bend its hind legs.

Reinforce the "Sit" command from the front and to the side of the puppy. Reward each response with verbal praise and food treats. Gradually reduce the food rewards until words alone are sufficient.

Once the puppy is sitting, kneel at its right side and hold its collar in your left hand. Holding a food treat in your right hand, place your hand on the puppy's nose before moving it downwards.

As the puppy's nose follows the treat, move it forwards to the front of its body. The moment the puppy starts to lie down, give the command "Down", but do not reward the puppy yet.

Move the food just far enough forwards to lure the puppy to lie down. Reward the puppy with praise and the food treat. Repeat the exercise frequently, until the puppy responds to words alone.

Problem Solving

Refusing to sit

If the puppy will not sit for a food treat, hold its collar with one hand and tuck its hindquarters under with the other, giving the "Sit" command as you do so. Reward the puppy with praise.

Refusing to lie down

Kneel down with the puppy sitting at your left. Place your palms under its forelegs (but do not grip them), and raise it up to a begging position and then into a lying position.

Praise the puppy.

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