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Psp 4000 Series- Newest Gaming Console By Sony!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0

There has been buzz in the market that Sony Computers Entertainment is all set to launch latest PSP series in the market in October this year. The new series is PSP 4000 series which will contain advanced features.  The new PSP 4000 series will contain a sliding screen identical to one present in 3000 series but this model will not carry UMD drives. Also certain games will use the shoulder buttons and such games can be playable even when the screen is slid closed.

Sony's this move is considered to be surprising and experts are of the opinion that this is an attempt to compete with Nintendo's DSi. Nintendo is the main rival of Sony and has overcome Sony in many gadgets. Sony recently came up with 3000 series in October last year and this comes as an unanticipated move. The details of the new model have not been disclosed but according to the reviews and reports found on internet, the new 4000 series is build on 2000's improved slim and lite design and 3000's improved screen. This new model also includes improved processing unit. The images on the internet are really tempting and surely everyone is dying to try their hands on this unbelievable gaming console.

Sony has made immense name in the field of PSPs. In fact it is considered to be the most successful development by introducing first non-nintendo handhelds gaming consoles. But some critics have considered this new model to be uncompetitive due to its inability to run quality games. They are of the opinion that Sony in an attempt to increase their sales of PlayStation® Portable and PlayStation® 3 have banked upon the popularity of aging console. However that will get clarified once the 4000 series model gets introduced in the UK this year.

The details regarding the price of PSP 4000 model has not being disclosed but one can get an idea from its previous counterpart, 3000 series which is currently retailing at GBP 129.99 in the UK. PSP 4000 series can play games which you can download from playstation store. The details of which are provided by Sony. When asked by David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to comment on PSP 4000 release news, he said €œThere are currently no plans around a PSP2. [...] I am regularly in Tokyo and nobody has ever mentioned. I think they are already busy enough at the moment.

This comment confirms that Sony is indeed preparing to land up PSP 4000 series in October this year. Let's see how this new series will compete with Nintendo DS and how it will lure consumer's attention. All such answers will get disclosed once this console will hit the market.


Pull up your socks, the ultimate gaming machine is set to hit the markets in October this year, Sony is speculated to release new PSP 4000 model which will include newer features without having UMB drives. This new console will contain should buttons for few games and will come with a sliding screen.

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