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Proven Ideas to Create a Successful Company Picnic

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Proven Ideas to Create a Successful Company Picnic

Company picnics are great way to boost employee morale for small and large organizations alike.  Gathering your team together in an informal setting outside of the office helps break down barriers and build relationships among employees, which in turn creates a more relaxed and productive environment in the office.

Coming up with new ideas on how to bring life to your company picnic can be a tedious task.  Follow these simple tips, add your own creative twist, and your company picnic is sure to be a success.

Start with a theme. Start your planning off with a theme to help tie the entire event together. Use something fun and memorable that will allow you to create a menu, decorations and giveaways to support it.  The more off the wall the theme, the better! If you have an in house designer, have a logo created around the theme that you can use on all of your promotional materials.

Create excitement around the office prior to the event.  Hang posters out throughout the office advertising the event, and choose employees in different areas of the organization to champion the picnic and get coworkers excited.  Hand out invitations to each employee.  Use a fold up flyer or frisbee imprinted with the details of the event, or roll up the invitation and insert it into a water bottle prior to handing it out.  Make sure your posters and invitation reflect your theme.

Outfit attendees with a survival kit for the day.  When guests arrive at the event, make sure you have someone available to greet them with instructions for the day.  Give them a picnic survival kit, a cooler or tote bag with the day's schedule, an umbrella in case it rains, outdoor promotional items for the kids, a first aid kit, and any other items to use throughout the day or support your theme.

Incorporate optional games into the day.  Make sure to have games for both kids and adults.  Organize competitions and give prizes away for the winners.  Not everyone will want to participate, so make them optional.  There are many companies out there that will provide games for you, such as an inflatable boxing ring, or a bouncy for the kids.  Or, if your picnic is at a park, you can plan games around included facilities - such as volleyball, basketball or tennis.

Hold an auction for additional prizes. Some guests will not want to participate in organized games.  Hold an auction with additional prizes so that all attendees have an opportunity to leave with a gift.  Give everyone tickets at the start of the day and they can choose which items they would like try to win.  Make sure to have several different options from hats to digital photo frames to luggage pieces that would appeal to all members of your attendee list.

Make sure no one leaves empty handed. Finish the day with a parting gift.  Create t-shirts imprinted with "I survived the company picnic" so everyone leaves with a token to remember the day.

Incorporating promotional gifts into your next company picnic will help to make it more memorable and show your employees how much you appreciate them.  Best Promotions has a wide range of imprintable products great for using at your next company picnic.  Visit their site today.  www.bestpromotions.com

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