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Protozoa claims to be more evolved than man

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

What is the meaning of primitive and what is the meaning of well evolved?  The answer is very easy for man as he has already defined himself as well evolved and rest of the life forms in the planet to be primitive.   How the primitive and evolved should be defined?  Development at anatomical level, reproductive level, physiological level, genetic level, brain development and the level of intelligence or from the behavioral level. 

Man has scientifically classified all the living forms into different classes.  The classification/taxonomic positioning start from primitive protozoa to giant whale.  At an organ level or at the level of the anatomical development, the protozoa do not have any similarity with man or any other mammal.  But interestingly, the protozoa do survive, multiply and combat to survive in the ecosystem like man or other mammals.   What man has like eyes, ears, nose, legs, hands etc., to successfully survive in the planet, the protozoa does not have any of the organs but survive as successfully as man.  Can we say, protozoa are primitive and man is evolved?  asked Dr Gokulshankar and Dr Ranjith, teaching faculty from AIMST University, Malaysia.   The protozoa form cysts during un-favourable season and the cyst wall break when the condition is favourable.  Protozoa knows how to protect it when the condition is not suitable.

Every life form knows to protect themselves, knows to ensure their procreation and judiciously play their evolutionary role in the given ecosystem but man has classified them primitive.  None of the life form except man destroys its environment and make is undesirable to its very survival, but according to man, man is well evolved and rests of the life forms are primitive.    

 All the life forms except man have evolved over a period of time to live in concordance and in harmony with its ecosystem.  The evolution of all the life forms except man compliment and support the nature and never confront or destroy it, but man with his intelligence says they are primitive and man is well evolved. 

Time has come, man has to re-classify the animal and plant kingdom and place himself to be the most primitive among all.  Any evolution/action result in destruction of the very nature where it thrives and survives has to be defined as primitive.  Primitive man has to evolve fast.  ClinRise Derma Private Limited is struggling hard to create awareness about various social aspects in society as a part of its corporate social responsibility said Dr.S Ranganathan. 

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