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Proposal Writing the Smart Way - FAQ 3

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 29   |   Comments: 0
As the author of Proposal Writing the SMART way - an eBook which teaches you how to plan, prepare and publish a KILLER proposal in response to an RFQ, ITT or RFP, I often get asked questions about proposal writing. These range in topic though many of them are the same so I thought I'd capture those questions which are the same or similar and my answers to them in a series of Frequently Asked Questionsfor the top 10 Questions most frequently asked to me. I have captured these and shall be releasing them FREE to subscribers and other readers of my blog posts, articles and podcasts. This is the third of ten:

Question 3. What is the difference between dedicated training for writing proposals and online training?

The main difference is that training using a dedicated training course is very expensive. One major company (which advertises online) charges £990 (plus Sales Tax) for only a 2 day course!

Personally I think that is too expensive. My previous company also thought that was too expensive and didn't send people on the courses. In my experience it is only the very large companies that routinely use expensive training such as this. Even then they usually have special rates and deals negotiated with the training providers.

Don't forget, also, that when you attend a training course in person at a remote site you have to add the cost of getting to and from the course and the time out of the office too! This can soon mount up in lost opportunity costs.

Training using online or written or online resources can be much cheaper, about 5% (or less) of the cost of dedicated training.
Personally, I think that online training is a good way to learn. The courses are often in eBook, Audiobook or online Webinar form and are generally available on demand.

With online resources you are able to study a subject first and complete practice examples to really make your learning sticks in your head. You can also re-visit your training time and again to make sure it really sinks in. Something that is just not possible with live training - unless you want to pay another £990 + sales tax!

With modern multi-media technologies there is learning to suit all types of people: those who prefer to take in information in textual form, those who prefer to listen to their content; and, those who prefer to visualise using moving images coupled with audio. It's a very cost effective way of learning proposal writing. As computing power and broadband internet speeds increase these forms of learning will become more and more ubiquitous and significantly enhance our learning experience.

If you have thoughts or constructive comment on this article/post please comment here or write to me at: [email protected]

If you would like to know more about Proposal Writing the SMART Way please go to http://www.smartproposalwriting.com and watch the videos there, which explain more, and sign up to receive more information.

Look out for the other 9 Proposal Writing FAQ videos online too.
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