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Propecia Alters the Reasons Responsible for Hair Loss

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Appearance in today's world is a vital factor. No doubt, age factor affects our appearance on a larger extent, but loss of hair can make one look older than one actually is. Luckily, of late there are many hair restoration procedures and treatments available. The common causes of hair loss can be treated successfully by a variety of hair restoration process. But, apart from hair transplantation and surgery there are many medicinal options that prove very effective in hair growth as well as stopping hair loss. One such medicine is Propecia which shows substantial results in curing male pattern hair loss.

Dermatologist across the world claim that Propecia begins to show its influence from the very first day of its usage. A pill a day is enough to lower the DHT amount in our scalp. DHT is a substance in our body which destroys the scalp by shrinking it until it no longer produces any visible hair. Propecia targets the cause responsible for the increase in DHT and gradually lowers the secretion of DHT. Though results may vary from each individual, but it is proved that from the day one takes Propecia, there is a decrease in hair loss within a span of 3 months and moreover one may see a considerable amount of hair growth by 6-12 months.

There are scientific evidences which show that Propecia really works. A 5 year clinical study demonstrated that the sooner one begin using Propecia the more effective it is. But it is also mentioned in the study that if one does not finds any result after one year, it is wise to discard the drug and look for other methods for controlling hair loss. However, a doctor's advice will be very beneficial and he is the only one who can save from its side effects and the right dose.

Produced by Merck, Propecia is the first FDA approved drug to treat male pattern hair loss on the vertex and mid scalp area only in men. Studies show that it is effective in restoring the lost hair follicles and attempts to eliminate hair loss. It has been proved to be the most comprehensive treatment hair loss in men and appears to be the treatment of preference for many. It actually alters the reasons responsible for hair loss.

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