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Promote With Affiliate Marketing

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Wouldn't it be nice to actually sell a product that you don't own, have to ship, take inventory, store, or deal with customer service?  I mean how lucky or blessed would you be to actually sell something that you don't have?  Well thanks to the internet you could be doing just that immediately after reading this article.  This wonderful program that I am talking about is known as affiliate marketing.  So what exactly is affiliate marketing?  I could get really deep with you and tell use sophisticated words and sound very elaborate; fortunately that's not my style.  So let me give it to sweet and simple.  Affiliate marketing is selling a product or service for an individual or business and getting a percentage of the sale.  That's it plain and simple.  It could be a physical or digital product. ( Hint digital products earns you more money because there is no shipping.)

Now if you still want to pursue becoming an affiliate marketer, you have some serious decisions to make.  First, you must make a plan, so that the product you sell will not only sell well earning you huge profits, but will also be a product of quality.  Even though there are huge benefits of promoting and selling these items, they need to be of good quality.  If someone makes a purchase from your promotion and the product is no good to them, then that could hurt your reputation as any business person.  And we always want to please the customer. Look at it as you need to help solve someone's problem with that product and don't BS them just for the money.  The next thing you need to figure out is who are you selling to?  Who is your audience?  How do you reach your audience?  Where do they hang?  How old are they?  What's their gender?  What's their interest and so forth?  This is called your demographic, or targeted customers.  This will take some research because you don't want to waste your time by not researching and planning to get the benefits of making the sells.  Next, you need to shift to the products you are going to promote.  You can do a google search on affiliate programs and you will get thousands of results.  Some of the most popular affiliate programs are Clickbank, CJ or Commission Junction, and Share A Sale.  You simply set up an account free of charge and start searching for your money maker.  When you find it, you will get the html code to embed on your website and a link to send people to the product.  Once that's done; get to promoting!

You have different methods of promoting products.  You could promote products on your website, blog, chat rooms, forums, discussion boards,  social media such as Facebook , email marketing and so much more.  Depending on your demographic, there are many places you can find them online.  I must say this at this point, there are some very smart, creative people that can turn this business into a gold mine.  There are so many tactics that are beyond the usual methods.  I am sure I will post a blog on this in the future and get into more detail.  I like affiliate marketing quite a bit.  It is fast money if you planned and researched correctly.  I will also get into some promotions that I have done and how I went about it.  Everyone is different and every method doesn't work for everyone so find your best method and make some money today!

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