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Project Quick Cash Info - Is It Worth Buying?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 24   |   Comments: 0

Affiliate marketing products come out all the time, so it may be hard for any marketer, whether new or more advanced, to know if a product will help them and is worth buying. There was a lot of attention surrounding Project Quick Cash's launch, so you may be wondering, what is it all about?

What Is Project Quick Cash?

Project Quick Cash was created by Alok Jain, who is the author of other popular products such as Viral Profit Machine and Two Minute Profits. Basically, it is an 82 page eBook that details five techniques that you can use to make money online that require little to no upfront costs.

What's Inside Project Quick Cash?

This eBook goes into a fair amount of detail of the five different methods, and they are:

Cashing The Spike - Part 1

This technique revolves around using PPC to point people to affiliate products using Trend Marketing. Trend Marketing is where you take advantage of current news and events, and mainly try to figure out what people are searching for and find an affiliate product that you can offer them that fits the situation.

Cashing The Spike - Part 2

This method uses the same Trend Marketing trick as Part 1, but instead of PPC, you use search engine traffic and social networking to send people to your own website that is monetized with contextual advertisements.

Underground Niche Profits

This method explains Forum Marketing where you sell niche products in various, non-internet marketing forums. It shows you how to pick products and how to find relevant forums where you can advertise.

Super Placement Targeting

This technique deals with Google Adwords, and placing your ads in the Adwords content network using the relevant "site targeting" features of Adwords.

Leeching On A Launch

Lastly, this trick shows you how to get "free traffic" to your affiliate links by purchasing similar sounding domain names that point to your affiliate offering's sales page. It also suggests to use social networking to gain traffic by setting up blogs, etc. about the affiliate product.

Who Is Project Quick Cash For?

This product is mainly for people who are new to affiliate marketing or who are having a hard time earning sales with the more "traditional" methods taught. Those who are more experienced may find very little, if anything, new in this eBook to make purchasing it worthwhile.

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