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Private Label Rights Content - Can It Be Monetized Today?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

I'm a 'newbie'; an inexperienced entrepreneur building my place on the Net. Experienced marketers would probably give more comprehensive answers. New as I am, though, listening and research has helped me form an opinion.

'Monetize' is a big word in Internet Marketing; in any marketing effort. To plain-spoken folk the word simply means 'make money from it'.

First, let's get some pesky initials out of the way. Internet Marketing is full of them. For now, I'll be looking at just one:

* PLR – private label rights; a license that fuels a significant portion of the content in websites, reports, eBooks, and sales

PLR content can be articles, eBooks, sales letters, software, videos and probably a lot more I discovered yet. When I buy PLR, I'm also buying the right to

* Sell it to some one else and keep the profit for myself (no royalties)
* Use it as a 'seed'; rewrite, reorganize, modify and repackage the result to meet my needs (website content, IM product, and newsletters for instance)
* Claim ownership of the new (as opposed to original) PLR product legally and ethically

Now, to answer the question 'can I make money using PLR?'. People are hungry for information sources that give them something they can use to make changes in their lives. It's more than self-improvement. There is interest in current information about their hobbies; a new project, a new tool or piece of equipment.

There are 'how-tos' on running a business to growing philodendrons, and everything in between. If I were to buy the PLR content on growing philodendrons, I could either use it to grow a wonderful plant, or change it to include or replace the instructions with my knowledge on other growing methods and resell this product.

There are many advantages to both buyer and seller of Private Label Rights content. The buyer receives a quality product which include clear benefits for their use. This commodity definitely makes money for the seller.

There are non-monetary benefits to the use of PLR content, which I'll examine a little further on. Is PLR all golden, or do disadvantages come with the package? Let's look at the answer in the next article of this series, where there's more room to take a serious look.

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