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Prevention and control of diarrhea disease

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 7   |   Comments: 0
Piglet diarrhea Diarrhea is very common problems, diarrhea in 20-30% of the general rate of mortality at 2-4%, but in some pig farms in postweaning diarrhea rate high, even up to 70 - 80% mortality rate of 15-20% for pig producers, causing great economic losses.

Weaning piglet diarrhea generally occurs 3-10 days after weaning, the seventh day orgasm, usually atherosclerosis, or the formation of watery diarrhea, indigestion of food within the inclusion, if not detected and treated quickly died because of dehydration. The reason, mainly: weaning, the maternal antibodies declined sharply, resulting in resistance decrease. piglet digestive physiology is not perfect and does not meet the high protein feed plant functional gastrointestinal disorders, coupled with high pH gastrointestinal tract, digestive enzyme activities can not play its due role and induce diarrhea. weaned stress, especially environmental stress, when discounted over 10 degree temperature difference between day and night, the diarrhea rate will rise 25-30% in conditions of high humidity will also markedly increase the number of diarrhea. inappropriate feeding mode: restricted feeding, and excessive over-feeding, feeding off the formation of hunger and diarrhea. immune responses, especially in the feed corn - soybean meal diet when, and contains more anti-nutritional factors of soybean meal when raw soybean meal, resulting in a delayed type hypersensitivity intestinal epithelial cells, causing watery diarrhea. gastrointestinal flora. To this end, in order to reduce losses caused by this disease, you can take the following measures:

1 sound biosecurity measures Pregnancy care, delivery care, care homes and fattening house full implementation of "all into all out" system will help eliminate the source of infection and cut off the transmission, prevention of disease cross infection.

Pregnant sows in the 14 days before delivery, with ivermectin subcutaneously 0.2-0.3 mg per kilogram of body weight, de-worming once.

Maternity care and conservation into the pig house 10 days to complete before the cleaned, washed repeatedly with high pressure water, dried with 1% bacteria kill poison the enemy, or 100 (3 liters of water plus 1 ml of liquid) sterilization 2 , and then fumigated with formalin 1, empty homes after 6 days into the pig. Maternity care and care homes

persist in using the 0.05% per week, peracetic acid or 0.5% of the strong spirit of such disinfection disinfection with 2 pigs.

Sow in labor 3 days before the body wash with warm water, then disinfectant spray Wei Kang disinfection before entering the delivery room in pigs to be produced.

Into maternity homes all items, equipment, feed, and personnel must be disinfected before entering.
2 to improve feeding and management
Maternity care to maintain temperature of 18-20 , the temperature of incubators :1-7 days 32-34 ,8-12 days 30-32 ,15-30 days 28 .

Maternity homes to maintain ventilation and dry, clean, Dongnuanxialiang, no blood-sucking insects and rodents and other.

Sows After delivery, comfort and to clean and disinfect; sows breasts and nipples to use potassium permanganate solution of 0.1% cleaned, and then fixed nipple colostrum to piglets to eat. Postnatal use a clean dressing to the body cleaned and allowed to eat as soon as possible colostrum.

Off umbilical, tails, cutting teeth, ear number, etc. to play strictly with disinfection with iodine to prevent infection.

Piglets 7 days beginning with a small amount, number of feeding methods for their feeding, to exercise their stomach's digestive function. Possible to add the feed by 0.2% in the only eco-C211 (probiotics, Dalian 3 meter R & D), can improve digestion and absorption, improve feed utilization, maintaining a balanced intestinal flora, strengthen immunity, prevent diarrhea.

On lactation feed should be given full price, to ensure all their nutritional needs, so that piglets receive adequate and complete nutrition milk. Sow's milk is too thick, milk fat and protein content in high piglets indigestion after eating, can cause Diarrhea. Sow's milk thin, incomplete nutrition, lack of certain vitamins and minerals can also cause the occurrence of white diarrhea.

Allow piglets to drink enough clean drinking water, to prevent dirty water and manure, etc. to eat, otherwise easily lead to diarrhea. Segregated Early Weaning Piglets

practice, 28 days after weaning, sows leave the maternity homes, pigs in the country of origin to stay three days in bed, and then all go to 100-200 meters away from the maternity care homes isolation conservation farming, and the original nest group, in order to cut off and offspring in population and the spread between.

3 Immunization Pregnant sows 20-30 days before birth. Sea Point after the injection of each pig transmissible gastroenteritis and porcine epidemic diarrhea in 2 4 ml of inactivated vaccine, newborn piglets were passive immunity through colostrum eating, can prevent viral diarrhea.

Pregnant sows at 40 days and 15 days each antenatal intramuscular injection 1, E coli K88, K99, 987P trivalent inactivated vaccine, each 5 ml per head, newborn piglets were passive immunity through colostrum to eat can prevent yellow and white diarrhea.
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