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Preparing To Open Inground Swimming Pools Or Above Ground Pools

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 24   |   Comments: 0

Spring will be here in the blink of an eye, and all across the country people will be opening their inground swimming pools or above ground pools. Anyone who is not lucky enough to have one of these will be out at the store shopping for one. Now is the time to begin buying swimming pool supplies and solar swimming pool covers, in order to be prepared for the warm weather. In some neighborhoods, there is an informal contest to see who will be the first to open the pool each year.

Anyone who is in the market for a pool will be impressed by the various swimming pool designs. Whether they are looking for inground swimming pools or above ground pools, shoppers have a variety of choices. Inground styles feature innovative engineering, galvanized steel walls, patented coping, and high-quality liners. This structure needs to last for many years and its engineering and construction ensure that it will. Popular shapes include the rectangle, lazy L, Capri, and Roman.

Above ground swimming pools are the products of choice for consumers on a more limited budget. Aside from having a lower cost, they are also easily removable if the situation warrants. Those of the highest quality will last as long as 20 years and the amount of use will dictate the liner replacement frequency. Sizes range between 12 and 30 feet in diameter and round and oval shapes are available, each featuring durable reinforcement.

Once inground swimming pools or above ground pools are installed, they must be opened and closed each year. Some people learn how to do these tasks themselves, while others pay a professional to do them. As we head into spring, pool owners brush up on their opening skills and make sure they have all the necessary swimming pool supplies on hand. During May or June, they begin the opening process, which does not take long if it is done correctly.

The first step to opening inground swimming pools or above ground pools is to remove their covers. If a solid cover is used, standing water should be pumped off but ensure that the cover does not have a hole because this will lead to pumping water from the pool. Add water to the pool, bringing the water level to the recommended height, and remove any accessories designed to prevent water from freezing.

When the pool was closed the prior winter, the filter should have been cleaned. If it was not, perform the cleaning. Then, prime the pump and start the filter system motor. Ensure that all air is purged from equipment and plumbing. Release built up pressure before opening the pump, filter, or chemical feeder because air will be compressed.

The best swimming pool covers keep the water in inground swimming pools or above ground pools blue and clear. If any large debris is present, remove it with a leaf net and use the vacuum to remove any algae, sand, dirt, and small debris. Once cleaning is complete, check the chemistry of the water after it has circulated for eight to 12 hours, adding necessary chemicals to balance the chemistry.

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