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Practical Solar Power for the Home

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0
Most people like the idea of solar power. Who wouldn'? Solar power produces energy with no harmful emissions, totally silently and with no running costs. So why don't we use it more in our day to day lives? Well, there is no reason why we shouldn', so if you're interested read on€¦

Whilst powering your home with solar power is still prohibitively expensive for most, using solar power as a practical source of energy for smaller applications most certainly is not. There are literally hundreds of affordable solar powered products that will work well in the UK and that can be both useful and cost effective alternatives to mains power.

Micro Scale Solar

Small solar cells have moved on a step from powering the humble desk calculator. Solar power is now widely used to power everything from children's toys to electric shavers! The most common applications include solar powered torches, radios, battery chargers (typically AA & AAA types) and chargers for mobile phones, iPods and the masses of portable electronic gadgetry that is so widely used today.

Great if you are on holiday, travelling or camping, these products will provide dependable power when otherwise you might have none.

Solar Lighting

Have you ever thought how useful it would be to have a light somewhere in the garden, on the outside of the house or perhaps in your shed or stable, but not wanted to go to the bother and expense of getting an electrician in to fit it?

Good quality solar powered lights can provide dependable light in any remote location without the need for trailing cables or any mains power at all. They can be DIY fitted in minutes and will work for years without costing a penny to run. Shed lights and movement operated security lights, right through to DIY systems for large barns and multiple stables are all readily available.

Solar Trickle Chargers

Solar chargers are ideal for trickle charging batteries on infrequently used vehicles such as vintage cars, sports cars, motorbikes, mowers, tractors and boats. With the help of a solar trickle charger you can return to your machine with the peace of mind that the battery will be charged and ready for starting duties.

Recreational vehicles such as camper vans, caravans and boats that run on board lighting and appliances from 12V leisure batteries can also greatly benefit from the addition of a solar panel to help with charging duties. Batteries can be topped up silently throughout the day with energy from the sun, which has to be preferable to running a noisy diesel engine or generator to do the same job.

So why not get powered up by solar energy? It really can provide practical and cost effective solutions in a wide range of day-to-day situations and, believe it or not, it makes you feel good too!
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