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Practical Advice on Head Lice Treatments

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 30   |   Comments: 0

The problem with head lice is that once you have them, it can be very difficult to completely break the cycle and rid your home of the pesky, persistent parasites. Many parents think that they have effectively dealt with the problem; only to find that a few weeks later, the household has another infestation. The repeating cycle can be frustrating for the entire family.

When considering head lice treatments, you need to think beyond the host or the person's immediately infested. The insects can survive for up to 72 hours away from the host. This means that any beasties lurking in bedding or in furniture could quickly make a home on the freshly treated hair, without too much bother.

Head Lice Treatments around the Home

  • Treat the Host - Use a medicated or prescription shampoo to kill adult insects and nymphs. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, especially if you decide to use pesticide based products.

Once you have treated the hair to some shampoo, you should towel dry the hair, and use a metal toothed or electronic nit comb to remove any remaining head insects.

Nits are more difficult to remove, however; soak hair in white vinegar for 30 minutes to help make nits easier to remove.

These tips and techniques will help alleviate the host of any insects, nymphs and nits causing infestations.

  • Treat the Home - Place all bedding and towels on a hot wash. Any bedding that cannot be washed, tumble dry on hot temperatures for at least 20 minutes.

Place any teddies and plush toys into an air tight container, and leave in a garage for 2 weeks.

Thoroughly vacuum mattresses, pillows and carpets. Also vacuum your car's upholstery, paying attention to head rests.

Replace hair brushes and accessories.

These tips and techniques will ensure any of the surviving parasitic insects lurking around the home are eradicated.

Think about Family and Friends

To stop infestations from occurring repeatedly in your home, you need to take the time to explain the problem, as well as the effective remedies, with friends, family and other parents. This way, everyone can work together using the effective and appropriate solutions to the problem, preventing the parasites moving from host to host. You will soon find that others will have also had the problem and they may have their own recommendations on how to remove the parasite.

If you have several children in your family, but only certain members are showing signs of an infestation, it's best to be cautious, and to treat all the family and the entire home. Make sure that your children are aware of how the insects move to and from hosts; this will help them to take the right precautions, even when you're not around to keep your eye on them. Talk to them about sharing clothes or other things that might have come into contact with other children's heads. If they can avoid borrowing these things, they can lessen the chances of parasites transferring unto their heads.

Despite its parasitic nature, a louse is not dangerous to humans. A louse does not spread diseases or infections but it is considered socially €˜unacceptable' to have an infestation. As a responsible and caring parent, you will want to relieve your family of the parasite. Over the counter medical or chemical products can be expensive; however, there are lots of alternative treatments that can be made from ingredients in the cupboard, with a little know how. Look online for advice on alternative home remedies and solutions.

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