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PPC Coach Or Wealthy Affiliate - Choosing Which Affiliate Coaching Program is Best For You

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

If your involved with internet marketing, then I'm sure you've heard of the PPC Coach or Wealthy Affiliate coaching programs. Both of these programs give you unique and powerful tools to help you learn, not only, the basics of internet marketing, but how to grow your online business.

But one common question that I had when I was just starting out, is which is better? PPC Coach or Wealthy Affiliate. Join me in this article as I compare these two affiliate communities and help you choose which is best for you.

PPC Coach
PPC Coach primarily teaches you the basics of PPC marketing. PPC stands for pay per click, which is where you essentially pay for advertising with search engines (like Google or Yahoo) or Social Networking Sites (like Myspace or Facebook).

As the name implies, you pay for each click that the site brings you and that traffic can go wherever you want it to go.

The PPC-C website was laid out rather complicated to me. I found it difficult to navigate throughout the site. The program is designed to jumpstart your money making through a series of (roughly put together) videos and access to the Month 1 forums. Each month thereafter, you gain access to new forums and videos (Month 2, 3, and so on) that teach you new promotional methods.

I personally didn't like the way the program worked. The first month was spent learning how to promote small CPA (where you get anywhere from $1 - $2 for a zip code or email address) through polls on the content network.

The videos were vague at best. Something else that I learned is that anyone that is just starting out will definitely loose some money with PPC--as it takes time and a rather large investment to really learn how PPC advertising works. This can be very hard for a beginner and even discouraging.

There aren't many tools available besides the forums and the videos and all of this costs $49 a month. Many members of the forums recommend extra programs that you'll need to get started, which can quickly add up, in addition to your adspend testing out PPC offers.

It was just frustrating and discouraging (and made me almost quit trying online all together). It was like they threw you some bad quality videos, told you to go spend more money testing offers and polls, and then hope to get lucky with a poll that makes profit.

Wealthy Affiliate
As biased as it sounds, I'm an advocate of WA over PPC-C, so when you ask me PPC Coach or Wealthy Affiliate I'll definitely tell you to go with WA.

Wealthy Affiliate, unlike PPC-C, has many more tools available to members. Unlike it's counterpart, in WA you will start out learning about free marketing techniques like Travis Sago's Bum Marketing, Article Marketing, as well as SEO.

That doesn't stop Wealthy Affiliate from having loads of extra information about PPC, but many members that join coaching programs are looking to make profit without having to go sink more money into something else.

There are also tools like the Keyword Tool (which makes it a breeze to do keyword research), a Website Design Builder called Site Rubix (very user friendly program that makes advanced-looking landing pages), as well as member forums that are filled with a true wealth of information.

When it comes to finding a program that will help you in your internet marketing, there really isn't much comparison between PPC-C or Wealthy Affiliate. There is much more information offered at WA.

Not only that, but the owners genuinely want to help you. At PPC-C I felt like the only thing the owner wanted was to cut a profit from me.

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