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PPC Clicks - Defined then Reviewed

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

One of the popular internet marketing tool to promote your business and products through the internet is via Pay Per Click or "PPC". You may not be familiar with PPC or you've heard of it and seen the ads but aren't certain what it really means. This article will examine both how it is that pay per click works and also look into several ways that you can use it as a profitable solution for your company.

PPC, or pay per click is a advertising device used on websites to display ads an advertiser submits, which pays the host only when the ad is clicked. The name says it all really. A nice advantage of PPC is that it removes the need for you to spend countless hours devising ways to shoot up to the top of the search engine rankings. There are search engines that use a keyword bidding method, where others have a set price per topic.

So how much does a person generally spend using pay per click? Only as much as you are willing to spend. Keyword costs can be anywhere from a few cents per click up to a few dollars per click. Depending on how popular the keyword is determines the cost usually. As the advertiser, you can always cap the amount you want spent per day. Essentially, if the keyword you have targeted goes for $1 per click and you have a budget of $20 a day, the search engine will only allow your chosen keyword to be clicked a maximum of 20 times.

If you wish to use Pay Per Click services to run an advertising campaign, you are better off using the largest providers to avoid fraud schemes. Those providers are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter. One of the biggest reason to use these services is because 85% of all "searches" conducted online are through these providers.

There are, naturally, other providers of PPC besides Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and Google Adwords; however, these largest three providers all operate under essentially the same bid for keywords model. Each search engine have different fees and a verity of keyword competition levels to choose from.

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