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Powerful Aerobics Exercises for the Best Health

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Real Definition Of Aerobics:

Before we get into specific exercises, we need to be able to understand what aerobics exercises really are.

First of all, aerobics exercises are defined as any kind exercise that increases your heart rate.

Not only are aerobics exercises designed to increase your heart rate, but aerobics exercises are meant to force your heart rate into a specific target zone and maintain that position it for at least 20 minutes.

Once your heart rate increases and is then kept in that targeted zone for more than twenty minutes, then one can say the exercises are considered Aerobic.

Don't Confuse Aerobics With Sports:

Often times, many people get aerobic exercises confused with any kind of athletic sport, and they use the excuse that "they don't need to do any aerobics exercises because they are already on a sports team."

This a completely wrong viewpoint of aerobic exercises, because the difference between aerobic exercises and sports, is that when you're playing in any kind of sport, your heart rate is increased, but it isn't consistently kept in that targeted zone for more than twenty minutes.

In sports, you are consistently changing heart rates, and therefore you aren't getting the same "heart exercise" as you get in aerobic exercises.

A Good Amount Of Time For Aerobics:

Now what many people want to know is, "what is a moderate amount of time that should be spent daily performing aerobics exercises?" My answer would be that you should do aerobic exercises from about 40 minutes to an hour, about 5 days a week.

However, if you are really serious about losing weight fast, I recommend you do about an hour of aerobics, every day for a week, then view the results to see if you should keep the same schedule.

Basic Powerful Everyday Aerobics:

The first exercises you may just chuckle to yourself and say, "Wow you're kidding right?"

However I am completely serious about this first exercise because the amount of time you spend doing it daily, can be the different between you losing weight and you LOSING weight.

This amazing aerobics exercises is simply walking. Yes I said walking.

Not many people realize the power that walking can have for them and the results they can get from just walking an hour everyday. This especially designed toward those who are just starting out on your weight loss goal and haven't been working out at all.

Many people blow off walking because they don't think it will give them any results.

However, you can start seeing results fast, depending on how serious you are about losing weight. Walking is the perfect aerobics exercise to start out with.

Now if you have done enough walking, or if you are past that stage in your aerobics exercising, then its time to move on the highly-praised jogging.

This can be another perfect exercise for those who have just decided they want to lose weight and are past the walking stage.

However, if you want to even combine jogging and walking into one day, your results will increase and you'll feel better about yourself.

Jogging Is The Real Deal:

Jogging is perfect for anyone because it is one of those well-known aerobic exercises that many people know will help them lose weight, but they don't want to put in the effort and take a quick jog around the block.

The best time to jog is in the early morning or early evenings where everything i quiet and peaceful.

If you are serious about losing weight fast, I highly recommend you take a jog in the morning and early evening, because experts say this is one of the best Aerobics exercises as far as results go, and its one of the simplest.

Jogging has a very high fat-burning potential, so if you think about that when you're laying in bed contemplating on whether you want to get up and jog or not, this one fact could get you out of bed.

Next Go For A Bike Ride:

The next excellent aerobics exercise on our list, is yet another simple exercises known as "cycling," "bike-riding," or even simply, "bicycling."

This is one of the greatest ways to burn calories and one of the most fun. Just think about it. You are riding a bike (which many consider as a hobby or fun activity) and losing weight and burning calories while riding that bike.

What's doing all the work is the pedaling, and other than that, I know its complete fun. I would recommend this aerobics exercises to anyone, young or old, and I wouldn't put a limit on this exercise, since you can probably figure out whether you can pedal anymore or not.

So I recommend if you're really serious, get out of your house right now, grab a bike, and ride that thing until you can't feel your legs. You'll get great results and it won't feel anything like a workout.

Last Thing, Get On That Treadmill:

The last form of aerobics is the notorious treadmill, or elliptical trainer. There are even variations of these two machines known as step climbers, which are exactly what they sound like, you constantly climb steps.

This exercise combines your walking and jogging exercises and adds a little twist to it, by adding some extra resistance to the equation.

If you don't already have one of these machines, I wouldn't recommend purchasing one because you can get this kind of exercise FREE, by getting outside and jogging around with a backpack full of weights (that you can handle).

The only advantage this has over normal jogging is the fact that you can perform high intensity exercises and control the resistance and speed at which you want to burn those calories.

I would recommend this machine if you are really serious about losing some weight in the nest few days, because this will give you fast results by effectively burning off that fat.

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