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Potty Training & Incontinence Help for Small Dogs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

Granted, small dogs sometimes only make small messes. But you will pay the same carpet cleaning costs to do the room with urine stains whether it is made by a Chihuahua or a Doberman. Small dogs need the same potty training basics as any dog.

You can remember that their size might work against them in that their tiny bladders will not hold as much (or for as long) if you are late coming home for their normal potty break, especially if they experience problems like canine urinary incontinence. Like allanimals, your puppies are also susceptible to many diseases. Small dogs do not mind living in units or homes without spacious yards. They only need a little spot to do their business, so a flowerbed might be enough room. But the area has to be kept fastidiously clean and free from old dog feces. And you must maintain regularroutines for walks or letting them out into the yard for their toilet needs.

Occasionally people make fun of little dogs in their knit sweaters, but it is so much more than just a fashion statement for dogs. During the winter months in cold climates, the change from heated indoors to freezing outdoors is very fierce on a small dogs body.

The sudden chill can also distract them from the potty business and cause them to run back inside. When warm again, the urge hits and there is nowhere to go but on the rug. You can make this easier on your small dog by getting him a warm jumperfor cold weather.

Your small dog may totally refuse to go outdoors in rain or cold, even with a sweater on. This can lead to your pet experiencing the symptoms of canine urinary incontinence, among other problems like bladder infections. One of the main signsof urinary tract infection in dogs is canine urinary incontinence. Besides incontinence, other signsof canine urinary infection may include frequent urination, straining to urinate without actually passing any urine and increased thirst. These collective signs may be a result of another problem and only urinalysis and culture can confirmed the diagnosis.

You have to plan options for their hygiene, obedience training, nutrition and overall urinary and bowel wellbeing. Perhaps you can store a paper layered box in the garage as a backup potty during bad weather. Only use this for limited times during the year so that you do not discourage the dog from going outside to his selected potty spots.

If your small dog goes outdoors in a yard or in the park, be observant as to where he is walking to keep him safefrom trouble. Keep your dog away from tall grass or bushes. While he is occupied trying to sniff out the right spot, he is also easy prey for dangerous snakes in tall grass.

You also need to check the urinary health of your dog if you want to stay on top of urinary problems in dogs.

Keepers of small dogs can become insensitive to their neighbors. Just because the feces is small, it is still dog poop. Pick it up or hose it off - your neighbor did not agree to a contract with you for that kind of grass fertilizer. And remember that dog urine will also kill small bushes and the patches of grass lawn that they tend to repeatedly urinate on.

Not to mention that dog poop on their sandals may not be visible until it is already tracked onto their carpet. That will not win you an invitation to the neighbors next bar-b-q. It is your responsibility to clean up after your dog. Do not try to get out of it by claiming that it is so small it does not matter. It evidently matters to anyone who does not own the dog or the poop.

Pottytraining for small dogs is the same as for large dogs. You can begin with crate potty training and many breaks until a routine is established. It is essential though that you maintain perfect hygiene for them to prevent any urinary problems in dogs.

Bladder infection is more common in female dogs and affects the lower urinary tract. Though the urinary tract is otherwise sterile, the urethral opening, through which urine is passed out, is the entry point for the bacteria. These bacteria cause urinary tract infection in dogs. Bladder infection can occur at any age and canine urinary tract infection in puppies is also a common difficulty.

Most of the lower urinary tract infections are easy to treat and dogs usually respond well to antibiotics. Bladder infection that does not respond to antibiotics necessitates further investigation. And your dog may need to undergo an X-Ray of the bladder to confirm whether there is any formation of crystals, calculi or any indication of a tumor in the bladder.

When being potty trained, some small dogs may be temperamental because many are spoiled lap dogs. That is where the positive reinforcement of your praise and affection is even stronger - when it?s so important to your dog to please you.

If you continue to have problems potty training your small dog, it would be worth while getting it checked out, as the diagnosis of urinary tract infections is not complicated at all. A simple laboratory examination of the urine and blood often determines its prevalence. The vet may suggest a urine culture to identify the pathogen that is causing the infection to be able to prescribe the most effective antibiotic.

Since dribbling and urination in undesignated places can cause a fair amount of frustration among owners, the first attempt to cure such a condition is a complete diagnoses followed up with treatment. Treatment modalities for bacterial bladder infection are different from what is required if the difficulty is due to some other condition and therefore consulting an expert is the best option.

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