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Playstation 3 Repair Complications - Will You Lose Your Data If You Mail Your Sony PS3 to Sony for Refurbishment?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0

It is often asked if you lose all of your current data if you send your PS3 to Sony for fixing. The fact is YOU LOSE YOUR DATA!! You will not even get your original Playstation 3 back, but a refurbished unit. The solution to this dilemma is using an area service company. When choosing a local service center for your Playstation 3, you can go to a traditional brick and mortar shop or find some kid operating out of his mother's garage. However, the problem with utilizing the kid is that he is poorly trained in handling electronic devices, possesses little or no test equipment and doesn't have the appropriate tools for the task.

It is often seen on the internet that Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) repairs may be done with a hair drier or heat gun however does not say the amount of Playstation 3 game decks are actually forever damaged by not using the appropriate equipment to reflow the solder. This is truly a terrific demonstration of what you do not want in a service company. You will want a service company that has a business license, insurance and a Better Business Bureau rating. Your neighborhood Television repair shop may well be your most suitable choice and they have contributed to the local community for many years.

Sony Playstation repairs are not uniquely different than other types of electronics repairs. This also suggests that 'the kid next door' is no more prepared to take care of repairs on PS3 products than he is to repair your 50 " plasma television or seven channel home theater amplifier. Do not make the miscalculation to believe that the kinds of test equipment, repair tools and knowledge is any different just because it is a game console. Solder reflow stations cost 1000s of dollars and it requires a significant amount expertise to reflow the solder without going over the thermal limitations of the components or burning the board.

Using new parts is important as many back room or even kitchen table operators will take used parts from other defective units giving you less than what you are paying for. Despite the fact that a guarantee might be available, you should not have to endure a lot more down time only to get one more reduced life used part. Lasers, motors as well as other parts wear out as time passes and could have a short life in your PS3 unit. Although other parts do not have a foreseeable life span rated in hours and may be utilized with success in repair situations, motors, lasers, parts that physically move and wear out ought not to be used to service Playstation 3 video games.

Parts that make considerable amounts of heat are a different category of component that could not be ideal for collecting from defective units in that they also have a limited life and there would be no history of use and maximum temperatures attained.

Rex Service Company has provided trusted service since 1956 on most brands and varieties of consumer electronics, computer systems, printers, fax and copy machines and game consoles. Rex Service is licensed in the Village of Worth IL, insured and is an affiliate in good standing with the NESDA (National Electronic Service Dealer Association), the Electronic Service Dealer Association (ESDA) and the National Service Alliance (NSA). Rex Service Company is graded by the Better Business Bureau.

Rex Service Company can fix your Playstation 3 game console more quickly, cheaper and without losing your data off your harddisk. Rex Service utilizes brand new parts to repair PS3s and uses new major assemblies when available to assure the greatest life for your Playstation. For example, if we find a laser deck problem, Rex utilizes a new complete laser deck assembly that has brand-new lasers, spindle motor and stepper motor.

For your very best Sony PS3 repair solutions, utilize a local service provider appropriately equipped for PS3 service. If you reside in the Chicagoland area, Rex Service Company will be your logical choice for any consumer electronic service. If you reside in any of the neighboring states around IL, you can mail your Playstation 3 to Rex for the same fast efficient repair you would get in person.

Rex Service Company 7030 W. 111th Street, Worth Illinois, 60482 - (800)-447-3988

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