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Personalized Door Mats, Logo Mats and Coir Mats - Find Them Online

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 23   |   Comments: 0

Are you worried about the look of your house? You may be unaware, but the mats you use in your house have a significant impact on the overall appearance and beauty of your house. As you know, a mat is a thick flat pad usually created with some foam or fabric, which in turn is wrapped with another fabric or plastic. The first mats were created in the 19th century. It is believed that weaved baskets played a key role in the creation of mats, as the mats were created in a manner similar to baskets. The initial mats came in check pattern or weave and sometimes were created by grass, reed or leaves.

Nowadays, you will be able to find a wide array of mats, each customized to an individual's needs. Door mats are by far the most commonly used ones. A lot of people prefer personalized door mats, as they can better cater to the needs of an individual location. For instance, the door mats used at the door of your home and office must be different. The right personalized door mat can do wonders for your home. The mats must be able to complement the interior of the home or office. Another issue you must bear in mind is the type of material you want in your mat, they are usually made out of tough materials like rubber stalks, nylon or aluminum or other kinds of metals. Mats created with metals usually tend to be unsuitable for machine wash.

Coir mats also tend to be quite apt for flooring purposes. The word "Coir" might sound strange, as it is a Tamil word, which means a twisted rope or thread. These mats are created from the hard fibers found inside and outside the shell of a coconut. Coir mats are coarse in nature and they come in a single color, however you may also ask for a colored one. Such mats usually relapse to their original color if exposed to direct sunlight. So, try to keep it away from sunlight if you want to retain the artificial color of the mat. The main advantage of a coir mat is that it is completely natural and at the same time very durable. Its durability feature allows it to be used in varied locations with high foot traffic.

The use of mats is not restricted to the aforementioned types only. The latest addition to the mat family is the creation of logo mats. Their main purpose is to promote a particular brand. In this competitive era companies are increasingly feeling the need to find new and innovative ways to promote their products to customers and make a statement, which will help them get an edge over their competitors. Logo mats provide them with a useful and effective tool to send their message with ease and with less cost. Logo mats come in different types; the plush mats are thick in nature and the logo is usually placed in the center, digitally printed ones allow photo quality images to be printed on the mats, indoor or outdoor mats are ideal for high traffic areas and the tuft mats are the ones seen in convenience stores and supermarkets.

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