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Perceptual Responsibility

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." William Shakespeare

When you read a book, see a movie or participate in a conversation, what decides what you make of it? Where does your judgment of it come from?

Are you arguing with an idiot, are they being unreasonable? How do you know?

Your perceptions are based on your experiences and your cultural programming. When you hear or see something, you immediately decide you must make a judgment about what it is, how it is and if it's good or bad. You feel it has to be cataloged and assigned a position in reality on based on your infinite wisdom.

The problem is that we rarely pay attention to this process or to the influences that underlie it's construction. We simply go about tagging what we experience without the slightest thought given to our own slant, bias or the role we play in the outcome we are perceiving. We automatically place the blame and burden on the shoulders of 'the other' and give no consideration to the idea that we have a part to play in this dance.

In truth, there is no need to participate in this type of thinking. You are in possession of other kinds of intelligences that do not require this kind of excessive tagging. You can simply observe and record to the best of your current ability 'as is' by remaining in non-thought.

What does it accomplish to pronounce another person as arrogant or dressed stupidly or full of internal contradictions? Where do your judgments come from? Why is there the selfish need to make something into anything else? Where is your sense of responsibility in your perceptions?

You decide your thoughts just as much as you decide to move your body across the room or pick up a glass of water. It is a choice. If you decide your thoughts, then you also decide your perceptions. Your perceptions are your choice. You can choose to see the world as full of beauty or full of evil. A broken glass can be a disaster or a work of art. Being late for work can be the start of a day of negative happenings or the event that may have saved your life.

Just as you must put effort into your techniques, you must also put work into your mental framework. This is what mindfulness is. It is not something you work on every now and then, it is a constant, ongoing process. It is the new way you decide to navigate your existence. Aware and conscious instead of asleep, deciding instead of reacting.

Everyone is way too quick to point the finger, blame, make excuses and all the rest. YOU must take control of your own destiny. All levels of development are based on the same thing...


Effort through exercising your awareness.

Effort through developing your techniques.

Effort through reflecting on your knowledge, your consciousness and your state of being.

Looking at the contents of who you are and who you think you are. Seeing what is real and true and what is ego and illusory.

How many of you still become irritated by the simple things like;

A car cutting you off?

Someone accidentally stepping on your foot?

The guy in the grocery checkout who writes a check for a candy bar?

Your children asking you another question you feel is beneath you because you are too wise to waste your time teaching those who don't know better?

Your sister notices you put on a few pounds?

Being woken up in the middle of the night because a friend needs your help?

Having your plans change and not work out the way you had otherwise hoped?

The mail being late?

Getting a flat tire?

Missing a movie you wanted to see?

Your brother knocks your favorite ceramic piece of nonsense of your mantle and breaks it?

The guy at the pizza place got your order wrong?

Someone splashed water on your newly washed car?

Junior tracked mud into the house or decided to unload all of the drawers of clothing you had to impress you?

Someone isn't meeting your expectations about how you feel a person should act?

Someone says your wife looks fat in her new dress?

If you can't keep control of your thoughts and emotions when it comes to mundane things like this, what kind of luck will you have when attempting to travel into dimensional states that require absolute mental precision and control? Don't fool yourself.

The mind and will must be strong in order to achieve these things. It requires discipline, effort and responsibility for your place and your results.

To learn more about your thoughts, how they are shaped, and how you can better direct them to a more positive life experience, I recommend Thought Reflection from the Higher Balance Institute

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