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Peptic ulcers are small tiny wounds on the surface of the internal lining of the stomach, first part of small intestine or esophagus (food pipe). Peptic ulcer is caused as a result of a bacterial infection caused by the corkscrew-shaped bacterium Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). Apart from these bacteria several other factors also play a contributory role in Peptic Ulcer. These factors are regular use of pain relievers (NSAIDs), smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and stress. Esophageal ulcers also may occur and are typically associated with the reflux (upward throwing of stomach acid) Burning pain is the most common peptic ulcer symptom. The pain is caused by the ulcer and is aggravated by stomach acid coming in contact with the ulcer. The characteristics of ulcer pain are very typical. it is felt in any part between navel to breastbone. The pain lasts from few minutes to many hours. The pain may have a flare at night during night time. The peptic ulcer pain increases when the stomach is empty and gets better temporarily by eating or taking antacids. Some of the worst signs of peptic ulcer are nausea or vomiting, severe weight loss, vomiting of blood and passing of dark or coffee ground blood in stool. Peptic ulcer is given different names on the basis of the site where it is present in the upper gastrointestinal tract. When it is in the stomach it is know as gastric ulcer, when it is in the first part of duodenum it is know as duodenal ulcer, when it is in the esophagus it is know as esophageal ulcer. If the peptic ulcer is not treated it may cause internal bleeding and can make a hole through the wall of stomach or small intestine, putting the patient at a risk of serious infection of abdominal cavity (peritonitis). After healing the peptic ulcer may leave a scar tissue which is a thick fibrous tissue. This leads to narrowing of the food passages. This gives feeling of fullness, nausea and causes vomiting.

Things to be avoided for people suffering from peptic ulcers:

  • Don't smoke
  • Limit or avoid alcohol
  • Avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Control acid reflux

Homeopathy in Peptic Ulcer:
Homeopathic medicines are very gentle and mild. Recurrent problems of acidity and heartburn experienced by the person suffering from peptic ulcer will find definite relief in his complains with homeopathic medicines. The biggest advantage of homeopathic medicines in such situation is that it will help in preventing peptic ulcer from progressing and will help in faster healing of ulcer. Those who need to regularly depend on pain reliving pills for their joint complains, of headaches or non specific body pains are at higher risk of developing peptic ulcer. Homeopathy offers to treat those conditions which require being dependant on such pain relievers on regular basis. This is how homeopathy can be useful in multiple ways. As safe treatment option for your recurrent pains as well as preventive treatment for future health problems.

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