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Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment - Fast Relief

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Are you a hemorrhoid sufferer and if so are you tired of all the creams, ointments, and suppositories?

Those product might give you temporary relief but they are not a cure. If you are looking for a painless hemorrhoid treatment that works then I recommend that you start looking at a few of the on line natural hemorrhoid treatments. The reason why these programs are so successful is because they help you discover the root cause of your problem. So you can make the changes in your life to put an end to all the burning, itching, pain, and even bleeding. Did you know that even if you went to the doctor to have surgery to have them burnt, banded,or cut away that there is a huge probability that they will still return. That is because the doctor didn't cure the reason why you got them he just removed the current problem and did not deal with the cause.

So what is an painless hemorrhoid treatment, and why do they work?

A natural hemorrhoid treatment is going to work for both internal and external hemorrhoids. They do this by using natural herbs to strengthen your blood vessels and home remedies to give you immediate relief. A really good program will also help you get your dietary problems worked out to put an end to the hard stools and constipation. We all seem to be living a fast pass life these days  and its difficult to take the time to slow down and eat right. A good program is going to show you what foods to eat like : Beans, artichokes, sweet potatoes, pears, green peas, apples, prunes,  Bran Muffins, bran or multi grain cereals, and green vegetables. That list can go on forever but you get the idea. But it is recommended that a male 50 years old or younger ought to get about 38 grams of fiber a day, while a female should get about 25 grams in the same age group. But the same hemorrhoid home treatment will also show you what foods that are bad for you. There are foods that also can cause you problems and give you hard stools or constipation. Once that happens you can rupture your hemorrhoids and cause them to bleed from the added pressure from straining. Here are a few of the foods that contribute: Ice cream, pizza, snacks like chips, instant potatoes, pizza, frozen dinners, and other processed foods.

Now there are many ways of getting hemorrhoids and a good natural hemorrhoid treatment program will cover most of them. Having a bad diet and constipation or hard stools is the most common way of getting them and I will list a few of the other ways.

  • Waiting to long to have a bowel movement
  • Coughing or sneezing to often
  • Lifting heavy objects the wrong way
  • If you sit or stand to long at work or home
  • Diarrhea
  • Some liver diseases
  • Anal intercourse

That just a few of the many ways of getting them. Information is key to solving any problem.

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