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Pain is No Game

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

Have you ever had a friend who you thought was your best? Who ended up mistreating you or stabbed you right in the back?

Something happend in the past months where a scar is left behind in my mind and engraved on my chest drama, drama I cannot mention the rest!

even thinking about it hurts. Lets just say it was like a real sharp pain going into me and it never found its way out.. And i fear to feel that pain ever again!

haha A good friend auh? Infact was a very good friend who was like a family member ever since that punch in the face outta no-where I thank her for making me realize that i can still walk with my head up even after what shes done.. life.... life is precious... I believe in Karma but dont wish upon it.. I believe it takes time for it to happen.. but where n when we do not know! But i believe it..!

I hate the fact when you get all close with someone but ending up to feel like shit in the end (its scary) But when they treat you a little better everything becomes back to normal because you cant be mad at that person..who you call your "best friend".

*So you sense that things are different now, so everything is changing, somtimes you gotta realize that it would never go back the same as before. Have you ever wondered why you always treat people so dearly, but you get nothing but disrespect? and feel that your best friend is just so careless and selfish so it hurts to see it happening and its going way too far to the point its becoming a habbit? scary but true.. its crazy how you dont notice your actions until people tell you..

Is this what i braught myself into? this is Who I Am.. it is my fault that I am sensative, is it my fault I am extremely emotional? is it my fault I became paranoid after I been hurt badly? Is it my fault I care for others? is it my fault i put you 1st? Is it my fault i sometime miss you when we dont speak or see, i cant conrtol it...... " 2 True friends are like one SOUL in different bodies" - Imam Ali

I hate the fact when you correct their mistakes they would change for 2 or 3 days forget what happend and end up doing it again! Does that mean they dont care? are they still good friend? Have you ever noticed that sometime when you say some things to another person you cannot take it back, even your actions.. its frustrating how simple these issues are can become so huge..

Have you ever notcied that when a person gets to kno you.. and they know that Whatever they would do you will be upset but cant be mad at them for long? So they take advantage of it..

When you do things real often things will change, maybe the other person thinks it wont.. but yeah I had enuff.. sometimes when u realize what you do by then its too late.. Too the point where i put you first you made it become something else.. like I DONT CARE no more! somting like that lol.. like separating.. its scary how i kinda dont even kno u anymore.. and If i dont.. then who does?

Do you ever feel that you always wanna spend time with your homie where ever you go, whatever you do.. and you always put that person 1st..... but they dont do the same lol

Do you hate the fact that when your in a middle of a text message and you know they got the message but dont end up texting you back just because they dont feel like it..

Do you hate the fact when they say theyll call you back but never does (so ur sitting at home all day waiting on that call) lol

Do you ever think that maybe their bored of spending time with you anymore, annoyed, or even feel that youve been ignored so you started getting stressed thinking over what you may have done wrong? Have you ever heard of the saying: Treat people how you wanna be treated (but it never happends)

Have you ever realized that when they do sumthin that pisses you off so often you get use to it so you just dont even care anymore? but when you doit to them its a fuckin big deal? but they dont even realize that they do it all the time!! WOW its annoyying..

DO you always accomodate your bestfriend because you put them 1st.. Like you would call in sick at work just to spend some time.. Never make plans ahead of time with other people because he/she might be free that day..haha

"Bestfriends are the ones who makes you laugh a lil l/o/u/d/e/r, smile a lil b/r/i/g/h/t/e/r and live a whole lot b/e/t/t/e/r.."

I realized that true colors come out in the end, it just takes a long period of time to notice..
Lets forget all the negative things.. n lets think of what we got today..

Julia Wong - Ottawa

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