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Overcoming Bad Habits With Hypnosis

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Everyone has at least one bad habit that they are aware of and would like to get rid of. Some smoke, others bite their nails, many overeat, and a number of people procrastinate to the point of never getting things done. It sounds almost unbelievable that there is one kind of treatment that can be used to successfully rid a person of any or all of these bad habits but time and time again hypnosis has been used to solve every one of these problems - and many more besides.

If you regularly watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show you may remember when she had famous hypnotist Paul McKenna as a guest. During the episode they discussed how Paul had helped Ellen to quit smoking. Ellen isn't the only celebrity to harness the life changing power of hypnosis to overcome a bad habit either. Winona Ryder, Ashton Kutcher, Billy Joel Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have all used hypnosis to quit smoking while Lily Allen, Sophie Dahl and Geri Halliwell have lost weight thanks to hypnotic suggestions. It's not just celebrities either, millions of people around the world have visited hypnotherapists or used hypnosis programs to achieve their goals.

There are some who are skeptical about the effects hypnosis has, and understandably so. For many years hypnosis was thought of as a "trick" you'd see at a stage show or as a kind of mind control. However the most recent scientific studies have all been very favorable towards hypnosis and its ability to create real life changes in the people who use it. One study in 2009 at Hull University showed that the effects of hypnosis are actually visible on a brain scan - certain areas are less active when hypnotized. In the UK the National Health Service has even started to employ hypnotherapists to help treat patients with IBS as well as relieve symptoms of pain.

"How does hypnosis actually help someone to overcome a bad habit though?", you might ask. Well during the initial stages of the hypnotic process your subconscious mind is primed to receive and accept suggestions. Depending on your goals these suggestions could help you to quit smoking, lose weight, stop biting your nails or whatever else you wish to change. The hypnotist makes these suggestions and repeats them until they're satisfied that they've got the message across. The subconscious is a very deep level of your mind which holds yours deepest desires. So by making suggestions to this part of your mind you are changing yourself at the core of your being.

How long this takes depends on the problem, the cause of the problem, and the experience and skill level of the hypnotherapist at work. For example, with a hypnotherapist with experience in the specific field it may only take one or two sessions for the client to successfully quit smoking, whereas it could take four or five sessions with a more inexperience hypnotherapist. That is why younger hypnotherapists often charge less to make up for the extra time and sessions the treatment will take.

There are also a number of audio programs available online which have become a popular method of using hypnosis. Due to the nature of the internet a hypnotherapist can record a program to CD/MP3 and then sell it to a large number of people. This is why you can find such programs for as low as $10 when a personal session would cost much more.

If you are looking to make a change in your life, give hypnosis a try - you won't be disappointed.

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