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Overcome Dental Phobia with Hypnosis Gold Coast

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

Fear of dentist is basically rooted from a bad experience. It doesn't just happen but rather, at some point in your life, you had a terrible experience with a dentist that even if you are not consciously aware about it or even if you don't even remember it, your subconscious does. Whenever you are in the same situation, your subconscious reacts or creates some sort of defense mechanism which is called an emotional trigger. Basically, this is not a negative aspect because it helps to keep you out of danger. However, too much anxiety, panic and stress experienced during a dental session could result to fear or phobia.

The cycle can worsen every time you are faced with the same situation where you feel more anxious and fearful and anticipating the feeling of panic. When this happens, your stress level heightens thus you get more and more anxious and eventually your feeling of panic worsens that you now avoid the situation. So if you had a bad dental experience or a traumatic experience with a dentist in the past, your subconscious had already registered or stored that same feeling in your mind and to protect you or help you out of that situation, it creates a defense mechanism which will enable you to escape from experiencing that same feeling.

However, when the subconscious mind overly protects you from a trauma or a bad experience, it creates a negative condition which is fear or phobia. The emotional trigger is caused by a deep-held trauma from a dentist and even so the danger is minimal, you tend to react overly exaggerated to the point that it is no longer healthy or normal. So to break the cycle, hypnotherapy can help. It can aid in allowing the person with dental phobia to release the emotional impact incurred by the negative dental experience.

So how can you release that emotional trigger? Well, this is where Hypnosis Gold Coast will help. It aims to aid you overcome your fear of the dentist and allow you to freely and comfortably go about with dental sessions fear-free. A skilled and expert hypnotherapist will work with you to take back those negative experiences. He or she will help shift that negative experience and release your emotional content of the memory.

Releasing the emotional trigger and eliminating the phobia is done thru hypnosis gold coast. In a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment, a hypnotherapist will take you back to that negative experience thru a trance and slowly and gently, both of you will work together to shift that experience and release the negative emotional impact of that memory. With just as short as 1-2 sessions, you will be freed from that past trauma.

No matter how long that the bad experience with a dentist happened or how often that trauma has occurred or how bad the emotional trigger is, hypnosis gold coast will be able to release hat emotional burden. Thru hypnotherapy, you will be freed from dental phobia and eventually overcome it and you will be able to normally face dental sessions without struggling.

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